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I love knowing how to do stuff or improving a system in my life. I think that is why I find the ‘lifestyle blog genre’ quite addictive. This combined with the fact that I am quite nosy and I like seeing how other people organised their drawers and wardrobes. In my many attempts (and occasional successes) at becoming better at life, I have become loyal to the following blogs and websites that may help you to organise, clean, and just live better.


Rachel Talbott


I discovered most of these blogs through YouTube and this one has some lovely cleaning videos with instructions on how to make your own cleaning products out of household ingredients. This appealed to me as I have a bit of a reaction to chemical filled products around the house. This blog includes mummy tips, organisation ideas, beauty routines and more. This woman has her ducks in a row for sure!


Clean My Space


I am going to admit that the style of this YouTube channel can feel too scripted and a little forced. However, this channel has taught me so much about cleaning around the house with affordable solutions, household cleaning products, and researched recommendations. This woman has her own book and her own range of microfibre clothes and puts out videos every other day. Good stuff.




This woman will make you feel wildly inadequate. However, if you can get past that (out of pure fascination) like I did, she will inspire you to transform your life and all the piles of junk you have in it. She just started a new program that you can sign up to but even her old videos are impressive. She coaches people on how to declutter, sustainably organise, and find systems that work for them as her full time job. Through her videos and website she passes tips and tricks from her archive of experience onto us all.


The Family Kitchen


This blog was created by a friend of mine and I was so excited about this because she knows so much about healthy eating and living. Made by a mother of two with a passion for the arts and for healthy eating, this blog is a great way to inform your New Year’s resolutions.




This one is definitely aspirational. Zoella is a British empire that has been formed over the last eight years of a young woman making videos in her bedroom about beauty, life, and fashion. Her current make up cabinet is bigger than my double bed if it were stood upright and her house decor changes down to every tea towel with every season. No one needs this many accessories in their life and certainly no one needs that much makeup but watching her YouTube videos, reading about her holidays and adorable pug on her blog, or watching her YouTube ‘vlogs’ (video blogs) are like delving into another more pretty world for half an hour.


Each of these blogs have something unique to offer and given how many lifestyle blogs there are in the world it is clear no one method or lifestyle will work for everyone. Oprah once said ‘We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.’ I think she is getting at the idea that changing one’s approach or outlook can create a different result and perhaps that will get us closer to where we want to be. These blogs have enabled me to begin trying new things (even if it is just cleaning with a different cloth) to improve my life experience. I hope they offer you something just as transformative.

Bicky Lee

Bicky Lee

Bicky Lee is a feminist performance artist from New Zealand. She writes for Hot Chicks with Big Brains and Tearaway as well as Leiden and enjoys looking after her friend's cats.

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