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Canberra based initiative Canberra Wise Women will be launching its 2017 program on Friday 10 February with a special luncheon at Hotel Realm. The event will be co-presented by the Australian Institute of Management and will feature four inspiring guest speakers each sharing their story and expertise on leadership.

In 2016 Canberra Wise Women, a group that strives to inspire women by creating opportunities for women to connect, confide, and celebrate, welcomed over 500 people to the nine events they held. ‘Inspiration is needed by everyone in our community.’ explains the creator of Canberra Wise Women, Lisa LaMaitre.

‘If a woman takes a new idea home to her husband, partner or brother, she needs their positivity, support and understanding to see that idea blossom in to reality. The same is true for a man. If he takes home a new idea, it also needs to be welcomed with open arms for it to grow. How many new ideas, creation and innovations never get off the ground because they encounter criticism, fear and negativity, instead of positivity, support and encouragement?’

In a change of pace, events this year will have attendees hear from both men and women. ‘My plan has always been to welcome and share men’s stories on the Canberra Wise Women stage. I know that I have been successful with this, when our audience is 50/50 women and men. As this event is a joint lunch with the Australian Institute of Management, our theme for this event is “Lead”. I am very excited by the depth and diversity of the speakers we have lined up.’

Guests will hear from:

  • Social Entrepreneur and Founder – Francis Owusu of Kulture Break
  • Award winning business owner – Louise Curtis of Lollypotz, Hamperesque & Pink Frosting
  • International Gender Activist – Caitlin Figueiredo
  • Academic and Chancellor of the University of Western Sydney – Professor Peter Shergold



Event Details

Hotel Realm in Barton from 12pm

Friday February 10


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Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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