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Not only is taking a dance class a great way exercise, it has got to be one of the most fun ways there is to break a sweat.  So attention Canberra, there is a new dance studio in town for adults and it launches next week. We caught up with founder of 6th Position Gen Chan to get all the goss.


Leiden: What is 6th Position?

Gen: It is the parallel position of your feet – but it is also Canberra’s newest ADULT dance studio!


L: What classes do you offer?

G: We offer classes for adults in ballet, jazz, lyrical, musical theatre and pointe.

For the adults with little to no dancing experience, we have created Dance Foundations; a classically based class to help you learn the very basics of dance so you can confidently move into a beginners class.

We also run Story Time & Movement during the day, a free-form dance movement class for toddlers and preschoolers that combines story books with dancing – and the adults get to join in too!

And if you’re looking to liven up your lunch hour, we provide two lunchtime classes: musical theatre and ballet barre. Our central location means you can get back to your desk before anyone notices you were gone!


L: Sounds fab. How does it all work? Do you pay for a term or can we come one class at a time?

G: 6th Position is all about flexibility! Most classes are casual attendance – pointe is our only exception. Our class pass system allows you to dance as often as you want, whenever you want – you can pay for a term, one class at a time, or a few classes at a time. We’ve got the following passes for you to choose from:


  • Trial Pass (3 classes – one week expiry)
  • Single class pass (three week expiry)
  • 5 class pass (10 week expiry)
  • 10 class pass (12 week expiry)
  • Term pass (40, 50 or unlimited classes per term – 12 week expiry)


We offer concession prices which are available to those holding a full-time student enrollment card, health care card, pensioner concession card and under 25s.

And with our online enrolment and payment system, you can sign up for class at home, work or on the go!


Leiden: Do you need previous dance experience to take class at 6th position?

G: Not at all! We strongly believe that all adults should be able to invest themselves in an art and cater to all levels from those who have absolute beginners, right through to advanced / pre-professionals.


L: What is your background in dance?

G: Ballet and contemporary, but I have also briefly dabbled in reggaeton and swing.


L: What do you love about dance?

G: You don’t need to speak, but you can still interact with others on your own terms – both in class and during performance.




L: What made you decide to open a dance studio?

G: I’ve been a quiet participant in the Canberra dance community for quite some time and over the past ten years, I’ve seen a growing need for more variety of good quality adult dance classes delivered in an adult environment.

I committed to the idea in late 2016 and it was going to be a two to three year plan, but here I am, getting to ready to open 6th Position on 30 January 2017!


L: What has it been like starting your own business?

G: Fulfilling and rewarding in every sense possible. Not to mention inspiring; I have met hordes of amazing and supportive people along the way.

You could say that starting 6th Position is my story coming full circle; I was as a “restaurant kid” in one of the Chinese take-aways at Hawker shops. All those business lessons I learnt while growing up finally have an outlet.


L: Can Leiden readers get a discount?

G: Absolutely! Until 24 February 2017, Leiden readers can enter the promo code LEIDEN to receive 5% off their 10 Class Pass, when purchased via the 6th Position website.



Now get your butts in to 6th Position and get dancing!


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Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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