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You look in the mirror and you see a handsome specimen.

You think: I’m alright but I could use a little refining. You see dark circles, a few blemishes, and uneven skin tone. As you study your chiselled face, you’re wondering if it’s okay to maybe consider using a few products to enhance your rugged good looks. Maybe some concealer under your eyes or that stuff that makes your skin look evenly toned. How would you go about finding some products to suit your needs, especially when you’re led to believe that makeup is something that’s predominately girly territory?

In my many years as a Beauty Bitch, I can safely assure you that I have had a few male clients who were at first a little shy about buying makeup for themselves but after some gentle encouragement to buy what they actually need and after spending some time educating them, they have come back to see me and come to understand that makeup for men does not mean they need to look like Kurt Russell in the strip club scene from Tango And Cash. Whether it’s work or play, there is in fact a balance and it’s simply called looking polished.

Okay, so let’s start with which brands you should look at. I have two picks that I believe would be a winner for the boys out there who just want to improve on their good looks, and who want practicality when it comes to packaging:


Tom Ford

This cult brand has male-specific products which are designed to look understated. Understated in this particular case, is another way of saying boyish and not girly looking. If you’re not concerned about your products screaming glamour, then you can buy products from any brand you like. Remember, the stuff inside the packaging is what actually does the job and not its sleek black case. However, if you don’t wish to carry an ornate gold concealer wand with glitter on it or even just a plain gold one, then there are brands on the market that look sleek and very cool and kinda blokey; okay I didn’t really want to use that term but I know more than a few of you wanted me to so there you go, I hope you feel a little more at ease. Now that I have made you feel a little more like Arnie in Terminator or even Kindergarten Cop, let’s continue.

Mr Ford’s Men’s product range isn’t huge, but there are enough products for your handsomeness-enhancing needs. He has some skin care products too but let’s focus on the stuff that will make you look like nature beat you one too many times with the handsome stick, for now.


Hydrating Lip Balm $42
For smooching on first dates or simply because you need a lip balm for your dry as lizard skin, lips. The squeezy tube makes it a little more bloke friendly.

Bronzing Gel $72
This was designed to mimic the look of a few minutes in the sun. It’s oil-free and water-based so if you’ve got a few spots, it will actually help soothe and calm with its special Tom Ford skin-calming complex. Just swipe a bit on the parts of your face that the sun would naturally hit. Remember what we said about George Hamilton when it comes to bronzing products,okay? When you start to look like him, put the bronzer down. If you don’t care, then you’re my hero.

Concealer Stick $64
Okay, this is the little nugget that’s going to cover those spots and blemishes to make your skin evenly toned. You want a colour that’s going to match your skin tone so that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything. After you’ve been correctly matched by those sleek looking Tom Ford experts, simply place the stick on whatever it is you’re wanting to cover. Swipe on a small amount and pat it in place. Suitable for face, under the eye, and for razor nicks.

Brow Gelcomb $70
Clever little stick! (rhymes with an old English/ Aussie slang term) twists from the bottom, to release the right amount of universally tinted gel onto the comb applicator, allowing you to comb your brows neatly back into place. If your brows look like they’re a pair of brillo pads then not only will you appreciate its benefits, so will those in your presence, so please put this at the top of your list immediately.


Bobbi Brown

Another brand out there, whose sleek packaging is simple if you want really understated and unisex looking. Their product packaging is predominantly black in their classic range, which is both visually appealing and practical to carry around. Bobbi also carries a bronzing face gel and a concealer stick for the face.
Both Tom Ford and Bobbi contain ingredients in their products that have direct skin benefits. It just depends on whether packaging, price, or brand is more important to you.


Bobbi Brown All Over Bronzing Gel SPF 15 $51
This gem contains a sun protection factor and as with Tom Ford’s, it’s gel based which is particularly great if you have spots or blemishes.
Apply in the same way as instructed above and if you can’t be bothered scrolling up, I shall tell you again: where the sun would naturally hit the skin.

Bobbi Brown Touch Up Stick $44
Now this little guy is one of the best on the market if you’re trying to hide a spot and you’re wanting to heal it at the same time. It contains kaolin which is a soft fine clay, designed to absorb excess oil and heal spots faster. Place directly onto spots and pat in place. Due to the kaolin, don’t place under your eye. Tom Ford’s is more suitable for that purpose.


Okay, one last product: powder. I’m going to recommend David Jones brand pressed powder ($19.95) because it’s small, round, and compact and matches all the other goodies above. It’s sheer and will take away the shine if you’re an oily dude. The powder is what sets all the above face stuff into place, so use it last. Make sure it matches your skin tone. If you can’t see it, it’s the right one. Grab a makeup sponge dip into your powder and press lightly on top of your cream product. If you can’t find small makeup sponges, try flirting a little with the counter staff. They’d be more than happy to throw a couple in your bag especially if you’re easy on the eye.


I hope I have taken the scariness out of buying makeup if you’re of the male persuasion.
Makeup is fun and can make you feel and look like an even better version of you. If you don’t need it, then you’re blessed and chances are you’re a toddler.

If not, don’t be shy, you’re one of us now.

Be very proud.



Illustration: Surbi Chetty

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