Three ways to Feel Better by Bedtime



Christmas might just be my favourite time of year. The gift giving, spending time with family and friends and the fact that everyone seems to be in a perpetually good mood. But perhaps the greatest thing about the festive season is the smorgasbord of food on offer.

This holiday season I ate my way through several Christmas parties, numerous office treats and a Christmas day that felt like one long meal right into Boxing Day.

They say that good food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and I have well and truly indulged, leaving no treat left un-tasted.

However, after a landslide of Christmas food and festive treats I’m left feeling less than my normal vibrant self. A food hangover if you will. It’s just a little bit harder to get myself moving in the morning and I can’t quite shake the feeling of sluggish-ness.

With the dawn of the New Year, now is the perfect time to do a little body reset if you will. Jumping straight back into my standard eating and exercising plan feels a little daunting after such indulgence so at times like these I fall back onto my fool-proof three step formula to make myself feel better before bed time.

Small, easy steps that will remove some of the fogginess and push me gently back to my everyday self.


Firstly, it is all about hydration. Even mild dehydration can have serious impacts on your brain function, mood and energy so I grab a couple of giant bottles of water and start sipping.

Upping your water intake will help to flush out waste and toxins as our digestive system needs water to function optimally. I’ll aim to consume 2 litres by the day’s end at a minimum. If you struggle to drink that much plain water, lemon or cucumber makes a nice addition, along with frozen fruit like blueberries or raspberries.


Secondly, it’s time to add greens for a serious dose of nutrients. Sitting down to a meal chock-a-block full of vegetables is often the last thing I feel like doing, especially after my palate has become all too familiar with sweets, so I’ll reach for a greens powder that I can mix into water or an easy to digest smoothie.

Greens powders are great because they are easy to prepare and drink and they offer a powerhouse of nutrients. Along with vitamins and minerals they often contain both probiotics and prebiotics along with anti-oxidants. My favourite is The Super Elixir Alkalising Greens by WelleCo mainly because it doesn’t taste like the bottom of a pond, which really helps with getting down the hatch.


Thirdly, it is time to sweat! Getting your body moving when you feel sluggish and full of food is often the last thing you feel like doing and it can take some serious mental bribery to get your shoes on and get yourself out the door.

But working up a sweat from exercise helps your body to release toxins and can help you to de-bloat. A simple fifteen-minute walk will not only help to get your system moving but it will also improve your mood. Plus, it will work up your appetite should you feel like just one more slice of Christmas cake is in order!


Do you have a fall back formula for making yourself feel better after you’ve over-indulged?

Alexandra Tobin

Alexandra Tobin

Originally a country kid, Alex completed a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) and relocated to Sydney to work in women’s magazines before moving into corporate communications. Along the way, she discovered a big passion for health as a way to counteract the many hours spent sedentary at her desk job. Eternally curious, Alex became a Health Coach and is currently completing a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition at La Trobe University. For Alex, life is all about balance. Coffee and chicken wings from her Coogee Local are her life blood.

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