New Year’s Resolutions

Claire Gatenby


‘For 2017 I will be trying to get a job with my new coding skills, that I’ve been learning this past year. I’m hoping to travel to a new continent (South America) to explore more wonderful places. I also want to learn something new for 2017 so I have signed myself up for an alpine scrambling course. This will let me climb higher and harder mountains, being a mix between hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering.’



Miriam Walsh


‘In the spirit of keeping things interesting and ensuring I don’t fall into a monotonous routine of work, gym, eat, and sleep, I am aiming to try one new thing each week. This may be a new recipe, or trying a new bar, or trying a new fitness class, or hiking trail. Just something new each week! I’m intrigued to see what it brings!’



Genevieve Chan


‘In 2017, I resolve to be more diligent in picking up my hairs from the shower drain so that my husband spends less time being annoyed. 🙂

On a more serious note, I resolve to be an more active listener and understander. I’ll have a team to mamage soon and I want to make sure they’re happy!’



Lexi Keelan


‘This new year I hope to; give myself more moments to just relax and remind myself that stress equals mess, try a new hairstyle I haven’t already had, do something I have never tried, write some new songs, get a new guitar, travel somewhere new, and most importantly, spend more time with my family.’



Tina Andrews


‘My hopes and dreams for 2017, are to spend more time with fun loving people and to experience the simple things a lot more. Stress less stuff that I need reminding, won’t matter in 5, 2 or even 1 year from now. To stop being so hard on myself and to change my hair style. Okay, I probably won’t change my hair style but the other stuff, I’ll work on.’



Emma Batchelor



‘I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to get things done so this year I would like to be kinder to myself, sleep more and be more mindful of my health. I would also like to spend more time reading and drawing as well as with my friends and family. I am currently going through my wardrobe to move house so I would like to get rid of a lot of things I have been hanging on to so I can start the year fresh. I am going to save up to buy the Gucci tee with the cat face on (it looks like my old cat Tabby) as I have been dying to own it since I saw it on the runway.’


Team Leiden

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