Christmas with a few of Leiden’s Contributors



This time of year looks different for everyone. For some, Christmas means spending time with family. For others it might mean running from one obligation to another, trying to hit as many celebrations in one day as possible. Christmas may mean spending time with friends, heading to church, eating far too much or it might just be another public holiday.

We asked a few of our Contributors what the holiday season means to them.




Emma Batchelor

For me Christmas time is family time. We have lunch with my Nanny and Poppy who live just next door and then spend the rest of the day playing with our presents, lounging around and watching Christmas movies. My brother won’t be home this year so we will be extending the Christmas magic into the new year as well. I am in the process of moving into my new house so I have plans to work off my Christmas lunch packing and painting the bedside tables and dressing table I am restoring.



Miriam Walsh

Christmas is the one time of year that my whole immediate family are usually all in the same time zone at once. That’s why Christmas is more of a celebration of family rather than a religious tradition for us. We always have a big Christmas ham with my Mum’s signature potato salad. The gin and tonics are always flowing at Christmas, as well as my Dad’s legendary mango daiquiris that we all drink in the pool together. I can’t wait!




Bec Huynh

We don’t really do Christmas in my family so I normally wake up late, go for a walk and maybe watch a movie. Most of the day I’ll be hanging out with the family, no big lunches or dinner, just chilling and relaxing around the house. Some christmases involve looking into empty fridges and questioning why we didn’t go shopping day before.




Claire Gatenby

I’m in the middle of a super intensive code course, I feel super lucky that they are giving us a week off starting the Christmas weekend. For the holiday my partner and I are going up to whistler in Canada (not too far from our home in Seattle) where we’ll have a week to ski and experience a white Christmas!




Lexi Keelan

Christmas this year will be spent with my whole family in Tassie. We’ll sit around and open Secret Santa gifts, eat way too much food for lunch and have lots of good chats. The best part will be seeing them all and just hanging out.

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