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After attending the launch of womenCANplay in October and being inspired by co-founders Hannah Massingham and Billi McCarthy-Price to join this awesome network of active Canberra women, I was lucky enough to attend one of their recent Give It A Go events. The activity: aerial fitness. The participant: an uncoordinated and inflexible 22 year old female (yours truly). Challenge accepted.

womenCANplay organised the Give It A Go session at Aerial Sports Canberra, located in Mitchell, Canberra. On arrival I was welcomed by Hannah and Billi as well as the founder and head instructor of the studio, Cher Albretch. I was immediately impressed by the set up, with ropes, beautiful coloured silks, and other trapeze apparatuses hanging from the studio’s high ceilings. Whilst relatively small in size, the diverse range of equipment and facilities ensures the studio has everything you need for a beginner’s class and beyond. It’s easy to see why the space is often referred to as an adult’s playground.




I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of women participating in the class. There was a range of ages, body types, previous aerial experience, and general fitness. This diversity immediately put me at ease as I realised I wasn’t the only newbie who was also a little nervous to try this sport.

Our instructor, Jade, was very welcoming and professional. The class started with a warm up and stretches before moving on to basic exercises on the trapeze. We were also taught basic silk techniques. And oh boy, was it a solid workout! I’m relatively fit and active, but my shoulders and arms were sore for a few days after the class. You definitely get your money’s worth of sweat in this class.

I personally don’t think I have ever tried an activity in such a friendly, fun, and supportive environment. Perhaps it is because aerial fitness is less common and therefore has a small community-vibe where participants are encouraged to feel like they are part of a unique and niche sport. Throughout the class everyone encouraged each other, gave one another tips and tricks, and cheered when you nailed the trick. The small class size allowed everyone to be chatting and laughing all together while trying different exercises. After all, you’re bound to make mistakes in a beginner’s class and that’s totally okay. You are encouraged to have a laugh, brush it off, and try again.




womenCANplay’s Give It A Go event was a fantastic way to try a new activity around Canberra. I definitely would never have tried aerial fitness without them and I can easily see myself getting hooked on it! It is such a fun and engaging initiative that brings together a different range of Canberra women with local businesses and clubs to participate in awesome sports and activities. I’m excited to attend womenCANplay’s next cool Give It A Go event!


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Miriam Walsh

Miriam Walsh

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