Review: Good Dye Young

In typical everyday life, we don’t tend to see people walking around with hair that is so bright you need sunglasses just to look at it. But why not? Well now there is nothing holding you back. Let me introduce you to Good Dye Young.

Good Dye Young is a new, do-it-yourself, at home hair colour that has already made a huge impression, appearing in publications such as Nylon, Vogue and Bustle. Created by my vocal hero and hair idol, Hayley Williams, and her colourist, Brian O’Conner, this new and exciting colour range will have heads turning. Some of you may know Hayley as frontwoman to the band Paramore but she is also known for her outrageous hair colour choices. Her signature hue, ‘Riot,’ even features in the Good Dye Young collection.


First Impressions

Good Dye Young Review Lexi Keelan for Leiden


The products can be purchased online from; my order took about two weeks to arrive.

I found the website easy to navigate and there is plenty of information about the products. However, there were two downsides:


  • The cost of shipping. I ordered three colours and my shipping cost was more than the total for the actual product. It is understandable as it comes from the US and contains liquids but it is always such a bummer when most of your money goes into the postage costs.
  • The lightening kit. As it contains chemicals such as peroxide, we Aussies are unable to have the lightening kit shipped to us. This means we have to go elsewhere to find something similar and hope that it works.


Once my order had arrived and I opened the box, I noticed the products were packed very neatly with a bunch of free stickers on top which I was overly excited about.

The colours come in tubes that are individually boxed with their name and a small strip displaying the pigment. Unfortunately the tube itself does not have these details on it, so after you’ve removed it from the box it is hard to keep track of which colour is which without having to open them. Hopefully this is something that will be improved in the future. Each colour is semi-permanent, 100% vegan, and are not tested on animals. A big plus!


Using the Product

Good Dye Young Review Lexi Keelan for Leiden


After lightening my hair, I was ready to start mixing my colour. I previously had very dark hair which meant it didn’t lighten to a bright blonde but rather a dark blonde. This was fine as I wanted a more subtle look for my first try.

The colours I ordered were ‘Steal my Sunshine’ (a bright yellow), ‘Rock Lobster’ (bright red), and ‘Blue Ruin’ (similar to a royal blue). Inside each box was a set of directions that looked more like a page from an adorable comic. As the colours do not require mixing with an activator, I simply squeezed and mixed them with each other just like paint. I mixed a plum and a turquoise so I could do slices of each colour running through my hair. The smell of the colours was really quite pleasant and reminded me of Earl Grey tea and Skittles. The texture of the colours was nice and thick which meant no drips when applying it to my hair.


Good Dye Young Review Lexi Keelan for Leiden


After colouring my hair in sections with my two colours, I waited for about 45 minutes and washed it out. While drying my hair, I noticed it felt so soft and smelled delicious. Normally I would need a good dose of conditioner after colouring at home but the sunflower and bergamot in the Good Dye Young products works wonders.

The final result was a dark plum with hints of turquoise and gunmetal blue. Overall, I was impressed with the product and will be using it again. It has been a month or so since I used Good Dye Young now and it has faded into a light green where the turquoise was, and a gunmetal grey where the plum was. It has been fun seeing how it changes each wash.




  • Good quality tubes that don’t crease when squeezed.
  • Vegan, cruelty free and packed with natural oils.
  • Highly pigmented colours that come ready to mix a custom shade or apply straight onto your hair.
  • Pleasant smelling, thick formula.
  • Easy to follow, super cute instruction leaflet.
  • Leaves hair feeling a million bucks!
  • As the colour fades, it still looks good.


  • Cost of international shipping.
  • Lightening kit cannot be shipped to Australia.
  • Lack of labelling on the tubes telling you which colour is inside.


Lexi Keelan

Lexi Keelan

Lexi Keelan is an artist based in Canberra, Australia. Lexi has always harboured a passion for drawing, singing and playing the piano and changing up her hair style. She completed her Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development (Specializing in Art) Academy of Interactive Entertainment and runs her own business ‘Art by Lexi’.


  1. Great article Lexi! Where is the after photo so I can see your amazing locks 😀

  2. I’m really wanting to try this product (the pink shade) however I do want the lightening kit to make it a pastel pink 🙁 Any idea on a substitute seeing as we can’t get the lightener here?

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