The Best Snacks You Can Keep in Your Desk Drawer



There are two types of people in the world: those that get to the end of the day and realise they forgot to eat lunch and those that start thinking about lunch as soon as they finish breakfast; I am the latter.

I fear being without food when I’m hungry like some people fear encounters with creepy crawlies. It is for this reason that I always make sure I am surrounded by ample snacks, in my handbag and especially in my desk drawer.

That way, when the 3pm munchies hit or I need to stay back at work to hit an important deadline I am always prepared and armed with snacks to see me through, because my hungry-self is not my best-self.

My favourite snacks for starving off hunger and saving you from a hangry meltdown are:

Protein Balls


I always start by having some form of bliss ball or protein ball in my arsenal. When I have had a productive weekend I’ll make up a batch and store them in the work fridge for the week; or when time is tight I’ll swing past the health food store and pick up a variety. My favourite are Bounce Balls, delicious and extremely hardy even when they have been at the bottom of your handbag for weeks.



Long-lasting and delicious, plus full of all the good stuff like essential fats and protein; these are a no-brainer. Depending on which kind rocks your boat, you’ll also pick up a range of vitamins and minerals. I like almonds for their vitamin E which, thanks to its status as an antioxidant, helps to protect and repair your skin, and cashews to help me up my intake of magnesium and zinc.




While it won’t last in your drawer for weeks on end, fruit certainly packs a nutritional punch. I like to grab a few pieces at the start of the week to leave on my desk. Anything hardy that doesn’t require any preparation is your best bet, leave the exotic fruits for the weekend and instead try the classics – apples and bananas. They’ll help you up your daily intake of fibre and provide folate, vitamin C and potassium.




I have an entire desk drawer devoted to herbal teas; green, spearmint, liquorice ― the gang’s all there. Along with a stack that promises to calm me down or perk me back up. While not strictly a snack, they help to hit the spot when you go looking for something sweet (try liquorice or rosehip) or to help with digestion (peppermint is a winner to help soothe an upset stomach). Plus, they work a treat to keep you warm when the office air con is set to arctic.


Dark Chocolate


No explanation needed. Sometimes you just need chocolate. Packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals you can enjoy a couple of squares knowing you’re doing something good for your body. As an added bonus, dark chocolate has been shown to give your brain power a short-term boost – increasing your alertness thanks to the flavanols it contains, making it the perfect 3pm pick me up.


With desk drawers this good you’ll be the office favourite in no time.

Alexandra Tobin

Alexandra Tobin

Originally a country kid, Alex completed a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) and relocated to Sydney to work in women’s magazines before moving into corporate communications. Along the way, she discovered a big passion for health as a way to counteract the many hours spent sedentary at her desk job. Eternally curious, Alex became a Health Coach and is currently completing a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition at La Trobe University. For Alex, life is all about balance. Coffee and chicken wings from her Coogee Local are her life blood.

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