Fashfest – Friday Night Outfit Post


Getting dressed is more than just putting clothes on your back or striving to look ‘on trend’. It’s about expressing your personality and feeling great. Team Leiden likes to get dressed up and we want to tell you all about what we wore to night two of Fashfest and why.


Emma Batchelor

Founder & Editor of Leiden Magazine



Top – I have had this Dion Lee knit for a few years now. I love it because it has a high vis metallic thread woven in which makes it shine under certain lights.

Skirt – This a new skirt from crbn, a new label I went to the launch of in Sydney. There were so many pieces I loved from their debut gender neutral collection but I finally chose this one. I particularly enjoy the movement in it.

Bra – Seeing as you can see my bra I think it counts as part of my outfit. It’s by Lil & Emm a fantasic local lingerie and swimwear label who recently showed at New York Fashion Week.

Boots – These are Sportsgirl copies of a pair of Miu Miu booties I really wanted but could never afford.

Bag – My mum and I share this bag. It’s just a cheapie from Topshop.

Ring – This is a Dior cat ring. It cost a tonne of money but I bought it in Bangkok when I was working there a couple years ago so I feel like I got good value for money.

Choker – Lexi put me on to this Tasmanian leathergoods label Liberty Emma.

Earrings – I am very proud to wear these earrings as they are made by my very good friend Lilah under her new label ‘Light as a Pedal’. Follow her on Instagram!







Jesse Petrie

Copy Editor & Photographer



Shoes – I adore Adidas. They’re well made with a simple iconic design. I got these ones in Sydney and they are comfy as all sin.

Socks – These are from a brand I recently discovered called Bamboozled. I’ve been wearing them around a lot larely as I enjoy the flamboyance flamingos add to my feet.

Pants – More Country Road pants. I don’t really like fancy pants. If I find some that fit and have a clean look I will generally stick with them until they last.

Shirt – This is my latest clothing purchase. It’s Kenzo continuing my life long love of the brand. I was initially reluctant to buy it because of the price tag but my girlfriend talked me into it and I must say I have no regrets.

Rings – This is the sister to my black Topshop ring. They may be cheap and a little crappy but dammed if they don’t look good with the shirt.

Bracelet – I found this while rummaging through my former room mates old desk. He didn’t seem to want it so I thought I may as well make use of it. Plus it’s nice to carry something from someone you love around with you.









Bec Huynh

Leiden Contributor



Pants – You can never go wrong with nice black fitted pants, my staple for any outfit. These ones are from Zara, and have two silver zippers on one leg for more of an edgy look.

Shoes – I bought these shoes online after watching a k drama that featured them. They are so sparkly and pretty, but I find them wearable and adds that extra something to jazz up any outfit.

Top – My top is from Calvin Klein jeans, it features a bit of mesh, nothing too revealing and the material has some silver/metallic through it.

Cardigan – I love my chunky knits and this one from Portmans is one of my favorites.

Bag – I bought my coach bag on a spur when I was in Japan, I needed something small to carry my essentials and be able to wear it with anything.






Lilah Gow,

Makeup Artist, Jewellery designer, Leiden Contributor



For me when it comes to fashion I’m more into finding a good bargain and clothing that will fit and flatter my body. I like to find good basic things that I can mix and match, add accessories to, then make a statement with my hair and makeup. Tonight I was feeling like going for a a soft biker girl look…. hehe. Simple clean skin, lashes and a deep plum lip to make me feel a little edge on my all black outfit.

Jacket –  Top Shop black biker jacket – got this earlier in the year, one of the first biker jackets I have ever bought.

Leotard – low cut full lace backed leotard, great for dressing up anything from a skirt to jeans. Another favourite that has been in my wardrobe for many years.

High waist pants – High waisted flared flowing sheer pants. These are old favourites that I have had for many years. I don’t have the longest legs so I love wearing these as they give an illusion of a long slender line. (they  super comfy and stretchy)

Shoes – keeping with the biker feel a full black boot heel from ZU shoes.

Jewellery – Tonight I am wearing some handmade jewellery from my new Light As A Pedal collection. Over the last few months I have been working on creating different pieces using the inner tubes of bike ties. I love creating and making things from scratch as well as making each piece different. The idea of making so many different things from a medium that is recycled and very durable is so exciting for me.

Earrings – medium feather earrings.

Necklace – wrap choker, bold crystal & feather pendent.

Rings – cuff rings.

Our online store coming soon. Follow @lightasapedal on Instagram to keep up to date for when these a released for sale.







Johanna Dziadkiewicz

Fashion Illustrator, Leiden Contributor



‘I have been following Zilpah Tart since Fashfest last year, and love the different patterns she uses in her designs. Coming to Canberra this year to see her show I knew I had to go check out the CARDIFF Collective where she is stocked. The dress I chose is the autumn leaves print witha fold-over neck, which I had seen her post a few times and already loved it! When I tried it on it was perfect, and I had my outfit for her show sorted!’



Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

As well as a near obsessive interest in fashion, Emma is a former scientist, occasional contemporary dancer, avid reader and self-confessed cat lady (she has three). Emma lived in Leiden in the Netherlands as a baby and Leiden ought to have been her middle name had her mother thought of it at the time and not chosen Louise instead.

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