Meet Leiden’s Newest Fitness and Exercise Professional, Brooke Crisp



‘It always puts a big smile on my face, seeing my clients being able to achieve things that they didn’t think they could. It’s such a rewarding experience when they come to you and say “I don’t have pain anymore” or “I haven’t been able to do that in years”,’ explains fitness specialist, Brooke Crisp. Brooke is Leiden’s newest addition to the health and wellness team.

We interviewed Brooke last week and she reveals to us why she loves teaching others about exercise and fitness, ‘For me it is an industry that doesn’t feel like work; everyday I get up, I get to go and have fun with clients and meet new people. I have to pinch myself some days because I am living my dream, doing something I love and am passionate about.’

Brooke has been working in the fitness industry for more than 7 years now, ‘Fitness has always been a part of my life, so it was almost just a natural pathway for me to go into the fitness industry and I loved the idea of helping others achieve their goals.’

Brooke completed a diploma of fitness in 2010 and works at the Australian Institute of Sport’s aquatic and fitness centre, where she trains clients on a one on one basis and teaches a number of group fitness classes. Brooke has experience in many areas of the fitness industry including boxing, reformer Pilates, corrective exercise, and water workouts.

Brooke tells us what she is most passionate about, ‘My passion is water fitness. I love the effect the water has on the body. It can be so versatile in how it’s used for fitness and exercise and I would really love to see more of it in the mainstream fitness scene.’

We, here at Leiden know that it takes hard work and a strong commitment to yourself to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. So we want you to know that our health and wellness experts understand and that they too have struggles and challenges. So, we got personal with Brooke and asked her about one of her biggest challenges:

‘As a fitness specialist, a lot of people think it’s easy for us to stay fit. The reality for most trainers (if you don’t teach group exercise) is that you spend most of your time prescribing exercise for others and your fitness tends to take a back seat. I guess for me, it was finding a routine that fit in with my full time job because sometimes our hours can be a bit crazy. I have managed to work my hours around my fitness schedule, which means I still get my training in and still have a lot of energy to give to my clients and classes. As with anything, it is all about balance.’

Brooke is an enthusiastic, dedicated, and valued fitness expert. She will be sharing with us her expertise on water workouts, posture, balance, core control, functional fitness, and so much more. You can check out Brooke’s bio here.

Stay tuned to see more from Brooke.

Liz Wensing

Liz Wensing

Liz is a lover of all things health and fitness. Her passion is to educate and empower everyone to live healthy and abundant lives. Liz has spent many years learning everything there is to know about health through formal and informal study. Her favourite drink is chai and yoga pants dominate her wardrobe. While Liz completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences majoring in Health Promotion and Exercise Science and holds a Diploma of Fitness, she is not a doctor. Please consult medical advice if you are unsure of anything in regards to your personal health and fitness.

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