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Our favourite musical act from Canberra fashion festival, Fashfest, was Canberra based electronic duo, Mondecreen. We sat down with Roshan Fernandez and George Stavridis (Stavo as Roshan asked us to refer to him) to find out what drew them to participating in Canberra’s largest fashion event.


Leiden: Describe Mondecreen’s sound

Mondecreen: We make funky dance tunes that induce strutting and enable one to feel cooler than they actually are. A few drinks are recommended to enhance the experience.


L: How long have you guys been making music together?

M: Somewhere around 3-4 years now.


L: What do you love about the Canberra music scene?

M: It is super welcoming and supportive, we all have each other’s backs, which is a great feeling. We also feel like we are the underdogs of Australian music because Canberra’s music scene isn’t regarded as highly as say Melbourne or Sydney’s. We can’t wait for the ‘I told you so’ moment when the rest of Australia catches wind of what’s happening here.


L: How did you come to be involved with Fashfest?

M: We got involved with Fashfest through our friend Ashley Feraude, aka Magnifik. He saw us play a year or so back at ANU bar and liked what he saw. He’s a champ.


L: Why did you decide to take part?

M: We’ve always been big supporters of Canberra’s creative culture whether it be art, fashion or music, so playing at FF feels right for us.


L: What do you hope to get out of the opportunity?

M: We got to perform in front of an audience that probably haven’t heard our music before which was really exciting for us. We got to see a few people having a dance in their seats, and that was a mission accomplished right there. But if our girlfriends aren’t reading this — we got fame, fortune, and phone numbers from a few models.


L: What were you most looking forward to in taking part?

M: Meeting new people, seeing the fashion show, but mostly we looked forward to performing our new songs that we have been sitting on for a while.


L: What’s next for Mondecreen?

M: We’ve been writing. So much. I’m actually taking a break right now from the studio to do this interview. We are going to be releasing some music that we are super proud of in the upcoming months. We’re planning on playing a few more interstate and local gigs. And in the past couple of hours we’ve been thinking about getting lunch, it’s probably going to be dumplings.


Mondecreen performed at ‘Singularity’. Read our full runway report here.



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Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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