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The cycle of life is a common source of inspiration for many artists. No one has perhaps examined this universal subject in quite the way highly acclaimed glass artist Judi Elliott has. Known for her innovative approach to working with the medium, Judi’s pieces are highly recognisable and sought after. She has exhibited work both in Australia and overseas, and was the first glass graduate from the ANU School of Art.

Her latest exhibition, Black Box; Life, Walls and Houses examines the black box. This critical device sits within an aircraft, recording the details of each flight it makes, from the moment it takes off to the moment it lands. With each journey the black box begins its recording cycle again, something Judy finds akin to the cycle of human life.

Presented in this exhibition are a series of three-dimensional, colourful glass houses which reflect on the phases of life that we all experience growing up, as well as her core theme of the black box, which is represented by black dots appearing in the glass. To create these vibrant glass sculptures Judi first produces a full-scale drawing, which she uses to cut individual pieces of glass to size. These pieces are then cast, cut and fused to assemble each house.

The houses are beautiful and although they are made from glass, they have a strength and resilience to them. The colours injected into the glass are rich and vibrant, providing a strong contrast to the black dots that speckle their surface adding depth to the subject matter investigated.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this stunning collection of glass artworks up close.


Exhibition details

Black Box; Life, Walls and Houses closes on 27 August

Craft ACT

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Image Credits

Once Upon a Time 2, Once Upon a Time 3
Cast, cut and assembled glass
19cm x 19cm, 19cm x 15cm
Image credit – Rob Little


Home at Last
30cm x 18cm
Image credit – Rob Little


House with Additions and Extension
Cast, cut and assembled glass
29cm x 19cm
Image credit – Louis Grant

Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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