Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner


This is my first time trying out Tarte Amazonian clay liners and I decided to go with the boldest of colours. Let’s just say I had spring/summer on my mind even though we’re in the middle of winter down under. The colours I picked are Fairy wings, a true lilac; Cobalt, a deep marine blue with an ultra fine shimmer, my favourite out of the lot; Sprit Animal, a warm shimmery gold; and White and Goldilocks, a bright sunny yellow!

I was extremely excited when these came in the mail recently and didn’t waste any time trying them out but I have to say they did not live up to my expectations. In terms of colour and opacity they are opaque but the texture is a little too smooth and creamy, creating a bit of slip and slide. Some colours, such as white and Goldilocks, require two applications to be fully opaque. I also noticed the liners are not all of the same consistency, some shades being a little thicker and easier to work with whereas some being too creamy.

These clay pot liners are a fun bunch but need a little practise to perfect and may also be used as eye shadow. It’s an affordable way to add some unique colours to your vanity.

Surbi Chetty

Surbi Chetty

Surbi lives in a world of beauty and makeup, which is her main inspiration for drawing. She is a beauty illustrator by day and makeup school student by night. Her late nights are for writing. Surbi's drawing style is carefree and wild, she likes to break all the rules and let her watercolours and pens take control whilst listening to some jazz music on the radio.

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