Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliners & Cream Eye Shadow


These little pots of goodness are a new addition to my makeup kit. I love these creamy jewel toned metallic colours. They are great as eyeliners but personally I prefer to use them as cream eye shadows but either way they look stunning. The colours blend effortlessly with a rich colour pay off and look gorgeous when used as a single colour all over the eyelid or blended with another colour to create beautiful shades.

They are so simple to use and come in a wide range of colours suitable from day to evening looks for all skin tones. Can be used on itโ€™s own or as a base to intensify overall eye makeup. Comfortable on the eyes, they glide on smooth and last all day. Although a little high on the price point, they are worth it and if you were looking for a good high-end product, I would highly recommend them.

The colours I picked are (clockwise from the top): Velvet Plum cream eye shadow, Sapphire Shimmer Ink, Steel Ink and Bronze Shimmer Ink all gel liners.



Surbi Chetty

Surbi Chetty

Surbi lives in a world of beauty and makeup, which is her main inspiration for drawing. She is a beauty illustrator by day and makeup school student by night. Her late nights are for writing. Surbi's drawing style is carefree and wild, she likes to break all the rules and let her watercolours and pens take control whilst listening to some jazz music on the radio.


    • I completely agree with you Dawn. I also love the eyeshadow sticks. Creamy colours and so easy to use ๐Ÿ™‚
      Have you tried them?

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