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Name: Amy Peacock

Age: 27

What I do: Owner and director of Elite Dance Studio Canberra and personal trainer in the making.


Describe your personal style

My Personal style is a huge reflection of my life. Active, youthful, upbeat and independent.

I live in active wear so I’m always looking for a fun way to spice it up and not look like I just walked out of the gym or dance class. My statement colour is black; then I’ll spice it up with a bright coloured lip or bag. Because day to day I wear my gym gear and sneakers when it’s time to go for dinner or cocktails I get dolled up. Hair, makeup, outfit on fleek. I love my leathers and heeled boots. And in winter, bring on those long coats, tight pencil skirts or leather pants to show off my curves with a simple top and sometimes a choker (so happy they are back).


What pieces are on high rotation in your wardrobe?

Nakedvice leather jacket

Wittner boots

Kate Spade purse

Heeled boots — I have a variety of colours and styles. Leopard prints are always a winner.

Topshop bomber jacket

P.E Nation leggings

Sneakers — I have so many.



Asilio Dress from Rebel Muse Boutique


What are your favourite labels, who are your favourite designers?

SWF (Single White Female), Bec & Bridge, Manning Cartell, Asilio, P.E Nation, Alume, Faithfull The Brand, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Balmain.

The list is never ending…


How do you approach dressing?

I always dress to impress myself. What makes me feel good, what makes me look in the mirror and say ‘damn.’ I’m a true believer in feeling comfortable in what you are wearing. You can truly be yourself. I spend weeks, sometimes months, planning outfits for events I know I have coming up. I always end up buying three or four options — I love clothes! Day to day I am very active so I make sure my active wear makes me feel great when I’m training or teaching and can last me all day. I love mixing my active wear with a touch or leather or denim.



Nakedvice Leather Jacket


What pieces do you never wear but hold onto just in case?

Hehe, I have a few of these.

Tight, bright red SWF turtle neck pencil dress, for that one day I add colour into my wardrobe. Tony Bianco strappy heels; sexy as, so in love, one day I’ll switch the boots over.


How do you approach shopping for clothes and accessories?

Always looking at the latest trends. Social media is to blame for my shopping addiction. I see something I like, I click on the link, and three days later my little bundle of joy arrives. I am very much an impulse shopper. Mostly I get items I know I can dress up and down. Accessories are a statement piece for me; I don’t wear jewellery apart from a watch day to day so the bigger the better I say. Huge earrings, a collection of gold rings or chokers. Statement bags and clutches are where my true love lies. Most of the time I stick to my no jewellery rule and make the outfit all about the bag.



Dress from Rebel Muse


Where are your favourite places to shop?

I do a lot of online shopping these days or I head to Rebel Muse on Lonsdale street, they always produce the goods. Also Country Road, David Jones, and Wittner. And a quick trip to Sydney or Melbourne never hurts.


What is on your current shopping list?

Anything I like — like I said I am an impulse shopper.


What item do you dream of owning?

YSL and Chanel clutches; I think the boyfriend should buy me these.



In the Studio


Who’s personal style do you most admire?

I follow a lot of fashion bloggers/enthusiasts on social media. My top three at the moment are:

Jessica Bush @wethepeoplestyle

Sara Donaldson @harperandharley

Laura Jade @laurajadestone


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Top Image: Kris Arnold


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