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Last weekend Huw Bennet, the stylish man who amongst other things is a contributing editor to Oliver Grand and co-founder of Vanishing Elephant, lead a Masterclass in men’s style at the Canberra Centre. As well as discussing his own enviable sense of style, Huw shared some of his tips and tricks for developing a classic sense of style. Ladies take note because many of Huw’s take home messages apply to us too.

When asked what all men should have in their wardrobe, you will likely guess Huw’s first piece of advice. ‘Every man should have a suit, something that is tailored to them. Stick with something simple that can go with many things, that way it can be a go-to.’ Huw also recommended buying something good quality and learning to take care of it properly. ‘I am really big on taking care of things and learning to appreciate them more as I get older’ he said.  This advice should be extended beyond a suit to the rest of your wardrobe too.

As for investing in your wardrobe, Huw recommends splurging on any category if its right for you and you think you are going to get the wear out of it. ‘There are also ways to buy economically but not be cheap about it. Good basics are much easier to come across now. You can always find blue denim at a reasonable price but be careful of the fit. If the fits off you are going to look like a daggy dad, but if it’s right it’s right.’

So what does a stylish man like Huw Bennet recommend for the new season? ‘Tonal colours particularly maroons and browns. Mixing warm, solid colours that have a degree of difference to them is fresh. I also think there is more of an exploration in layering this season. More relaxed but interestingly cut pants are also coming through. And olive [green], I am really into olive.’


Timeless, classic, layered and considered. Huw says: ‘Take the time to get a nice pair of glasses. They can be a statement in a more simple outfit.’


Lym wears: Saba, G-star, Aquilla shoes, Fit Bit Watch (Myer) Rodd & Gunn coat, Bailey Nelson glasses, Industrie (David Jones)


A smart work outfit. Huw says: ‘In honesty, leather can be a maker or breaker. For guys keep it clean, limit zips and pockets. Keep it simple: black and brown.’


Ryan wears: Saba, MJ Bale, Marcs, RM WIlliams, Levis (David Jones) and Bailey Nelson glasses


A twist on formal dressing. Huw says: ‘We have tried to mix and match and move away from the traditional suit. We played with the shoes a little to pare it back.’


Thomas wears: Saba, MJ Bale, Aquilla


For those wanting to emulate Huw’s particular brand of cool, he offers this piece of advice up. ‘I am super simple, I try not to go too hard on tends but if I am really into it, I’ll go there. But if I do pick up a trend I try and mix it back with something more timeless. If you look in the mirror and you question what you are wearing take it off. But if you feel it and feel comfortable then fucking do it.’

Well said Huw, well said.


Read our full interview with Huw here.


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