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I have always loved walking down the street and then smelling the unique smell of a Lush Cosmetics store from three doors down. To me, Lush is like visiting the Weasley’s shop in Harry Potter: I walk in and I just want to touch and smell and experience everything. This is because Lush make products “from fresh organic fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils, and safe synthetics.” They also only buy ingredients “from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on animals” (from the Lush website). This guilt free sense of values, combined with the fact that their shop smells better than Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, makes Lush the greatest place on earth.

Although Lush was officially launched in 1995 as a mail order business in the UK, the current creative team have been working together since long before Lush existed. As the Lush website explains: “From their home in 29 High Street, Poole, Dorset at the seaside of the south of England, Lush grew into the international company we know and love.” Each product is still hand made, just in a few more factories around the world! The creators state “we do business with people we like.” The famous smell that I spoke about above can be credited to Mark Constantine and his son Simon who create all of Lush’s fragrances. With over 700 stores in 46 different countries, it is only a matter of time before the Lush fragrance envelops the world (and I am not complaining)!

From my personal experience of years of buying and using Lush products, I can honestly say that I am loyal to Lush and that I will continue to go back time and time again. I have some products that I always have in the house and feel panicked if I am running out of them and I have some products that I am still in the honeymoon phase with. Either way, the obsession is real. Something that I can say about every product that I have used from Lush is that they last really well. A little goes a long way. I have never bought a Lush product and thought it was a waste of money. Plus, their containers are reusable and are great to travel with. If you collect your Lush containers and bring a number of them (clean and empty) into the shop you get a freebie! Most people know about the Lush bath bombs but these products that I have listed go beyond the bath. I strongly encourage you to give each of these products a try or at least give them a smell next time you are in a store!



Lush’s Ultrabalm is something I never leave the house without and I keep it next to my bed at night. It is an all purpose balm “for bits that chap and chafe” as the label says. With jojoba oil it makes for a perfect lip balm but it also is great for dry patches of skin. I even use it on my eczema (and sometimes as an eye cream). I am very picky with my lip balms and the Ultrabalm has been one of the few to pass the test. It was a nice replacement for my last lip balm as that one, like many others, had petroleum jelly in it which I have found to make my lips more dry after the balm wears off. Whereas, the Ultrabalm actually makes my lips feel nourished.




Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Lush have a range of shower jellies that are exactly what they sound like: jelly that you can use to wash yourself with in the shower. Sweetie Pie is a deep purple jelly infused with glitter and smells like those purple snake lollies. This is because the ingredients include cherries, coconut, and bergamot oil. Lush shower jellies are made from carrageenan extract which “heated up, this Irish moss seaweed turns into a softening jelly you can wash with!” When I first started using the Sweetie Pie I would just rub it with my hand to lather it up and then wash myself with that but as the jelly has softened I can now use a little piece of it to lather all over my body. This method is making this product last and last which is awesome! According to the packaging you can use this in your hair and on your scalp as well but I have other products for this. Which brings me to…




Trichomania Solid Shampoo

This one I have been using for years and I refuse to use anything else to wash my hair. The Lush solid shampoos are just like soap for your hair. Trichomania is infused with coconut and is great for dry/curly hair (this product and my hair have a deep understanding). I buy a big block of this in store and then (if I ask nicely) the Lush assistant can cut the block down into smaller manageable pieces (I could also do this at home with a sharp knife but I would probably just make a mess!). In the shower I rub one of the small pieces all over my wet hands to lather it up and then I rub my hands into the roots of my hair (I usually precondition my hair prior to this. To read my full pamper routine click here). I have travelled to a lot of places in the last few years and everywhere the Trichomania Solid Shampoo goes with me. I just wrap it in my shower cap or some glad wrap and it’s set to go. I know it won’t spill anywhere because it is solid! This shampoo has made me realise that I don’t have “bad hair”, my hair just has needs. One of those needs is Trichomania Solid Shampoo.


Latte Lip Tint

One of the newer members to my Lush family is the Latte Lip Tint. I was confused by this at first because I was expecting it to be the colour of a latte but actually it is more of a rose gold colour. I loved the colour but what I love more is the smell: it smells like the best latte in the world. I love using my finger to press this product onto the main part of my lips in the morning before work (you really do not need much because it is beautifully pigmented). It has a slight shimmer to it to bring a little something special to your nude lip look. Did I mention it smells divine?




Grease Lightning Spot Treatment

This one is a life saver. Grease Lightning is a spot treatment made from thyme, rosemary, tea tree, aloe vera, sea water, grape juice, and lavender oil. Whenever I have a break out I pop a little bit of this on the affected area and it calms it down and clears it up! Other spot treatments that I have used have been too intense or too drying for my skin whereas Grease Lightning makes me feel like I am nourishing my skin instead of “killing the baddies!” I am also prone to ingrown hairs and skin inflammation whenever I pluck my eyebrows or have any part of my body waxed so after a hair removal treatment I mix a bit of Grease Lightning with my moisturiser and spread that over the red/sore area. It is a very soothing combination (the moisturiser I am currently using is from Lush as well and is called Sympathy For the Skin which speaks for itself really!) I do recommend using Grease Lightning at night but if you are going to use it during the day, make sure it is fully absorbed before you go out or put makeup on.


I could go on and on about Lush products that I recommend forever. I mean, I haven’t even talked about the R&B Hair Conditioner, the Dream Cream moisturizer, the Pink Flamingo Bubble Bath wand, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, the Experimenter bath bomb or the fresh bananas in the Sympathy for the Skin moisturiser! But all of those are great too. Despite my greatest efforts, I haven’t tried everything in the shop yet and they are constantly bringing out new things so it is best if you explore a store for yourself! Not everything smells crazy either, there really is something for everyone


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