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One of my favourite things to do is listen and learn from the success stories of others. A super quick trip to Sydney saw me attending the annual event, Semi Permanent . It was a day jam packed with life lessons, all things design and mentions of work for some pretty impressive clients such as Nike, Game of Thrones, and the Academy Awards (aka the Oscars).

Semi Permanent is a three-day event held around Australia and New Zealand that aims to bring together a community of individuals passionate about a range of topics. From advertising to architecture everyone will take something different from the event and it’s important to go in open-minded.

Instead of writing an extensive essay I’ll sum up the day in a few headings.


Favourite Speaker:

Jack Mussett from Motherbird



Jack spoke about work in the context of life and the importance of slowing down.

He also spoke about how our ideas stem from everything we’ve learnt, our history and surroundings.


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Why it is Important to Attend Industry Events

  • You learn.
  • You meet cool people.
  • It’ll inspire you.
  • It’s fun, interesting and stimulating.


What I Took From the Day

  • You can actually do it.
  • Love the day to day not only the result.
  • Question everything you do.
  • Ask.
  • Failure is a part of any creative process.
  • Being busy generally means you’re more productive (just make sure it’s quality over quantity).
  • Sitting at a computer is doing not thinking. Get out and get creative.
  • If you’re interested, you’ll be interesting.
  • Do something that’s meaningful to you and chances are it’ll be meaningful to someone else.


Something that wasn’t related to anything design or industry specific, but never the less stuck out to me was a meaningful thought mentioned by Jack Mussett.


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If you really think about that, it’s quite powerful. What Jack followed on with was the importance of slowing down and taking a look around every once in a while. Sometimes we find ourselves working so hard that life continues and we miss it. Sometimes life will force you to slow down in not such a desirable way. If we don’t remember to be present we’ll miss out on enjoying the small incredible moments. Life’s wild so we need to let it be.

Events such as Semi Permanent are vital to our learning regardless of what industry you work in. You don’t have to be a ‘creative’ to get something out of it. If you’re a student like me or a graduate and want to stand out and be seen as a candidate who goes the extra mile, spend the money, make the effort and go.




Georgia L Holgate

Georgia L Holgate

Georgia is currently studying a Bachelor of Communications in Advertising at the University of Canberra. She loves to eat, travel, learn, Instagram and sleep. Georgia is Italian, a Leo as well as very dramatic and believes in hard work, having fun and pure imagination. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @GeorgiaLHolgate

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