Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting – The Lazy Girls Guide to Great Eyes


Lily Collins in Harpers Bazaar, Burberry Beauty Eyebrow Pencil


I love eyebrows. They are definitely my favourite feature on women. I could stare at Lily Collin’s bold brows all day long. However, with my fair hair, there is no way I could ever achieve such magnificent brows without pots of eyebrow gel and a few dozen brow pencils.

Whilst I could spend 15 minutes a day perfecting my brows with expensive products, I am the quintessential lazy makeup-wearer who simply doesn’t have the patience (or skill) to totally nail the bold brow look by myself. After all, it’s a very fine line between having bold eyebrows and just looking like I have two furry caterpillars above my eyes. This is why I am a loyal eyebrow and eyelash tint-user.

Tinting is a quick and cost effective beauty treatment. Depending on your therapist, it can take only 15 minutes to get both brows and lashes done at the same time. Prices range from $15-$40 and the tint usually last 4-6 weeks. You have ability to pick your tint colour: brown, black, or blue-black (the darkest). I usually get blue-black on my lashes, and brown on my brows.

If you are getting tinting done for the first time, talk with your therapist about what colour tint you want and what will suit your skin and hair colour best. The eyelash procedure should not sting if you keep your eye closed properly. However, a light sting is completely normal. Whilst tinting is safe, please check with your therapist if you think you may be allergic to any ingredients in the tint.

Tinting is also a great option for contact lens users who are sick of getting mascara in their eyes (just make sure you remove contacts before getting tinted), and people who exercise frequently. With your lashes and brows now looking flawless, all you need is a dab of concealer and a swipe of lipstick, and you’re all set!


For our Canberra friends:

Erica’s Aesthetics Kingston

Phone: (02) 6162 4199

Book online: www.ericasaesthetics.com

Prices: $22 for brows, $29 for lashes, $47 for both


For our Sydney friends:

Beauty on Park Street (CBD)

Phone: (02) 9267 5787

Website: www.beautyonparkst.com.au

Prices: $15 for brows, $25 for lashes


For our Melbourne friends:

Simply Brows and Lashes

Phone: South Yarra (03) 9077 2550 / Camberwell (03) 9078 6930

Website: www.simplybrowsandlashes.com.au

Prices: $15 for brows, $22 for lashes

Miriam Walsh

Miriam Walsh

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