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For as long as I can remember showers have been one of my favourite pastimes. Rain hail or shine a hot shower can be your saviour. Growing up with only the supply of rainwater, my father was always yelling at me to get out and timing me in fear I would drain the tank. This never stopped me and now that my parents have renovated their bathroom, when I visit them in their shower paradise there is no stopping me sneaking into their rather ginormous ensuite for that combination of rain and handheld heads. If you’re without the shower paradise of double heads, the ‘Sunday Shower’ is second to none. The Sunday shower is not limited to Sundays, especially if your working week doesn’t commence Monday, but the term refers to those of us that appreciate that weekly pamper without the effort of leaving your own home. The following is my little pamper process:



My nail care collection is nothing compared to my moisturiser collection but I have a few items to keep me going. The process is to clean, clip, tidy, and file your nails before you apply any colour. My favourite clippers are The Body Shop, sharp and little, also from The Body Shop I use the Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil with a handy cuticle assist on the applicator, an alternative to this is Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. I generally only apply polish to my toes and keep my fingertips natural. If I do paint my fingertips I go for Burberry’s Nude Polish. For my toes I tend to go a little bolder and brighter, my favourite polishes are from Revlon in shades of Beautiful and Bewitching. To finish off the application a must have is any form of an instant nail polish dry, I have a Natural Look Australian Made which finishes of nail nicely.



The trick is to treat the face before the shower otherwise you get too carried away and miss the crucial time needed. My favourite cleanser is the Nude by Nature, Nude Daily Cleanser, it’s really gentle but does a lovely job. Also Nude by Nature products aren’t tested on animals, crucial to us here at Leiden! It’s important to exfoliate and clear pores, I go for Aesop’s Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant: with aloe vera, walnut shell, tea tree leaf, as little or as much can be added to your existing facial cleanser. If I want a little bit more of a treat I go for a mask. I have a few from the Face Shop and have been using those every now and then as a treat.



I’ve stared to feel lovely and relaxed, the next step is shower. Nice and hot to open the pores, I exfoliate and wash like no tomorrow. My favourite body exfoliant is the Cottage le Caramel with sugar, I picked it up from the supermarket in the south of France, along with my Brazilian Butterfly exfoliating mitt.



Since I became a blonde I have some leftover shampoos that aren’t recommended but I do have some that I love dearly. It’s important to mix up your hair care to prevent build up of existing products so on my Sunday’s I break into my old favourites, including my Aesop classic shampoo or my Coconut Revolution shampoo. No conditioner as we will give the hair a mask post shower.



Feeling all open and delicious, I wrap my hair in a towel and pat dry my skin. Starting with the face so not to contaminate my moisturizer, I begin with my Dermalogica intensive eye repair and finish off with my summer moisturiser of Aesop’s Parsley Seed Anti-oxidant Hydrator in lotion form. For my body I use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E or Aseop’s Rind Concentrate Body Balm. I have a friend that coats herself in coconut oil before she dries herself and pats herself dry, however I have the fear I will slip and break my neck so I stick to the above two. If you have any of those tricky ingrown hairs I suggest you try Brazilian Butterfly’s BB Soothe, add a little to a cotton pad and hold on the ingrown hair and magically it comes to the surface without any further encouragement.


Hair – take two

It’s important to take care of those locks so I unwrap the towel and massage gently through Aesop’s Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque. A combination of Rose Petal, Beta-Cartone and Lavender Stem, it’ll leave you feeling relaxed and your hair smelling delicious. The written instructions suggest just half an hour of love but I like to leave this one in overnight. The smell not only helps you get that lovely long night sleep, but as you rinse it out in the morning you’re reminded of your long pamper sesh from the night before.

Kara Burdack

Kara Burdack

Kara is a contemporary dance creative, dance teacher, barre instructor, wannabe yogi and world wanderer. She loves reading, colouring and sewing. You might find her walking the streets of Melbourne in search of the next best brunch or at home babysitting her cactus and succulent collection with a red wine in hand.

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