Autumn Beauty

Autumn with Bobbi Brown(1)

We are now truly settled into autumn. The leaves are turning or have fallen. The landscape has turned a decided palette of brown, orange and rust. We are accustomed to changing our wardrobe for the season, but what about our makeup? Coordinate with the outside world and play with the autumnal tones in your makeup bag.

Illustrator Surbi Chetty took inspiration from American beauty brand Bobbi Brown in creating this Autumn Beauty inspired illustration.

Why not head to your nearest Bobbi Brown concession and experiment? Perhaps a Red Berry lipstick or Downtown Plum shadow. Whichever you choose, an autumnal look can brighten your day.

Surbi Chetty

Surbi Chetty

Surbi lives in a world of beauty and makeup, which is her main inspiration for drawing. She is a beauty illustrator by day and makeup school student by night. Her late nights are for writing. Surbi's drawing style is carefree and wild, she likes to break all the rules and let her watercolours and pens take control whilst listening to some jazz music on the radio.

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