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You’ve bought the bronzer and have the bronzer brush in your hand, you’re staring into the fun house mirror attached to your 1950’s dressing table and you’re ready to be a glowing goddess. But, uh oh. You don’t know where to start. Did you first apply your foundation/BB cream/ tinted moisturiser/ concealer and set with translucent or sheer powder? If you didn’t, then you’ve been a naughty wannabe bronze goddess, and weren’t listening. This is what makes all the difference: flawless canvas, set with powder, smooth and ready for a flawless bronze application. Always remember that powder grabs onto cream or liquid, especially coloured powder. You want to look like J-Lo, not Chucky, even though he’s adorable. Now. Ready, set, then powder bronze.

It’s OK, take a deep breath and tap your brush gently into your compact, tap off your excess and start by sweeping lightly on your forehead, a little down your nose, cheeks and chin. Don’t forget your throat, you know that little Casper milky white section, the sun never sees? If you bronzer that part, your face neck and decolletage will all blend seamlessly and your skin will look smooth, even and flawless, even if it is telling a visual lie. Who would dare to ask?

Build up the bronzer to your liking, but stop when you begin to resemble George Hamilton (if you’re under 40 you’ll have to google him) It’s too much and defeats the whole bronze goddess thing we keep talking about.


Now I hear you asking: “what about cream, liquid or stick bronzer? How do I put that on?”


Well, remember: cream, stick or liquid anything needs to go on top of your liquid or cream foundation, before you set with powder. Why? Cream, stick or liquid will only move smoothly on cream, stick or liquid. Makes sense? By George (hopefully not Hamilton) you’ve got it!

So with cream, liquid or stick bronzer, swipe a little with either your fingers, a brush, a sponge or directly from the stick (much more dramatic when applied this way) in the same areas that you would apply powder bronzer. Tap in with your finger gently until it’s blended. A sponge will do it quickly because it absorbs a little product. Buffing it in with a rounded blender brush will do the trick too. Be mindful not to rub it in too vigorously or it will disappear and absorb into your skin. Gentle buffing and tapping will ensure it stays where you want it.

Now you can go on ahead and set with your translucent powder if you like. If you’re a drier skin, use a cream bronzer and skip the powder. If you’re oily or sweat easily, powder bronzer is better, so apply after you’ve set with sheer, or translucent powder.

There you go. Like what you see? Yes, we thought so.


For further inspiration we have put a little something together just for you dear reader. A whole look to set of that bronze glow you have worked so hard to achieve.

Face Chart2(1)

  1. After you have aced your base like we mentioned above, start with the bronzer of your choice, a large fluffy brush and sweep along the forehead, chin, down the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. We like TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer.


  1.  Next apply a coral tone to the apple of the cheek. We like Laura Mercier “Orange Blossom” cheek colour. Any coral tone will make your skin glow even more against a bronze complexion. Smile lightly and pat with the side of your brush, up towards the temple. Patting with the side of the brush, ensures no hard edges.


  1. Next focus on the eyes. We suggest Burberry Beauty “Gold Trench” eye enhancer on eyelids blended up to crease. Use a long fluffy eye blender brush to blend and apply at the same time. Genius. Finish off with your favourite mascara. We love YSL Faux Cils in Brown 02.


  1. Then how about Bobbi Brown “Buff” lipgloss to finish off your luscious lips. A nice nude to enhance the glow of the bronze.


Now off you go, you gorgeous bronze creature!


Tina Andrews

Tina Andrews

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