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Why are we telling you how to shop the latest Spring/Summer collections when winter is coming? Unfortunately for us here in Australia, the release of the international designer collections follows the seasons of the northern hemisphere. Just as we are getting ready to unearth our opaques and cardigans from the back of our wardrobes, our overseas friends are approaching summer. This means if you like to keep up to date with the latest international fashion trends you can’t necessarily dress for the weather.

But don’t worry the trends that have emerged from the S/S runways will inform what we wear next summer so you can always buy and put away. But lets face it, waiting to wear your sexy new summer slip dress is really hard but luckily the weather is still warm enough to wear some of your new pieces right away and you can always layer up for the colder weather.

So what were the biggest trends to emerge from the S/S international collections? Lets have a look at a few of our favourites.


Underwear as Outerwear


We have been observing this trend for some time now but this season Celine, Givenchy, and Balenciaga were standouts. Think slip dresses, lace detailing, satin, body skimming silk, sweet bralettes. This can be a difficult trend to navigate and certainly isn’t for everyone, but for those with the confidence and the bod by all means, give it a go.

Styling Tips: If you don’t like to show too much skin, layer a silk slip with a denim or leather jacket. Toughen what is a quite feminine look with chunky sandals or boots.



Shimmering Metallics


Again another popular trend we have seen for a little while now. Metallics are bold, opulent, and attention grabbing. Look to Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, and Venessa Seward for inspiration.

Styling Tips: For day stick to one standout metallic piece mixed in with staples like denim, cotton, and linen. For night, go all out: embrace shine.



Sport Luxe


Yet another returning trend imagined anew. Sports influenced pieces are still storming the runways. Look no further than Chanel, Lacoste, and Chloe for glamorous tracksuits, sporty sweaters, and chunky footwear. This trend allows you to be comfortable as well as fashion forward which is always a win.

Styling Tips: Try mixing sporty pieces with more polished ones: slouchy trousers with a fitted tee and heels, a baseball tee with a leather pencil skirt; unexpected pairings such as these will keep you from looking like you are on your way to the gym.





Peek-a-boo pieces were explored from New York to Paris. Standouts included Loewe, Prada, and Gucci. With so many ways to explore this trend you are bound to find an iteration to suit you.

Styling Tips: There is a time and place for wearing transparent pieces so don’t try this one out at the office, unless of course you work somewhere where it would be appropriate. Do be mindful of your underwear choices.



Now Shop!

Investing vs Trends

New drops of the summer collections are arriving in store and online at a steady rate so keep your eyes peeled for the pieces you have had your eye on. Most of us don’t have a bank account big enough to match our appetites (or maybe its just me), so if you are looking to invest in designer, spend your hard earned dollars on timeless pieces that transcend the season. For more trend-driven pieces that you might only wear for the one season, spend your money on the high street. Zara, Topshop, Country Road, and many more all create collections inspired by the international runways.



Another great way to ‘shop’ the new season is to breath life into old pieces you already have. The fashion world cycles around and always looks to the past for inspiration. If you are someone who hangs on to things for awhile you might already have the perfect thing hiding in your wardrobe. Get it out, mix it in with newer pieces in your wardrobe and you are good to go. Sometimes you don’t even have to spend a cent to dress currently.


Stay True to Your Personal Style

Remember to always stay true to your personal sense of style and what suits your body. Trends are not a one size fit all: don’t buy into something that isn’t right for you just because Gigi or Kendall looked good in it. Experiment with your look but always make sure you feel confident in what you wear.


Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

As well as a near obsessive interest in fashion, Emma is a former scientist, occasional contemporary dancer, avid reader and self-confessed cat lady (she has three). Emma lived in Leiden in the Netherlands as a baby and Leiden ought to have been her middle name had her mother thought of it at the time and not chosen Louise instead.

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