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So. Summer’s gone and when you glance in the mirror, you realise you’re looking frighteningly like Edward Scissorhands. What do you do? You open the contents of your dusty, foundation smeared makeup bag, and stare at your bronzer and wonder “How on earth will I ever go from a 1980’s mystical creature, to bronze goddess Jo-Lo?” You stare back down at your compact, containing that scary looking tanned pressed powder, and decide it’s better to leave it in there or risk looking like a gingerbread man.

Don’t fret! The bronze look is very easily achievable, and is universally flattering because bronzed skin equals flawless skin when it’s applied correctly. We promise!

Firstly, unless you’re blessed with evenly toned skin like a toddler, bronzer won’t sit flawlessly unless you’re working on a smooth, even canvas. Make sure you cover any redness first with a little foundation, and be sure to set with powder; otherwise your powder bronzer will grab, and look obvious and uneven. If you have lots of freckles and very pale skin, bronzer is best avoided as it will blend with your freckles, and give you the appearance of muddy skin. Always be sure to choose a light bronzer if you’re pale, a medium tone if your skin is a little darker, and a deep tone if you’re tanned and want an extra glow. A yellow tone bronzer is best if you’re evenly yellow based, and a warmer bronzer is better if you have pinkish tones on your decolletage.

Every foundation smeared makeup bag should contain a bronzer, because it is multi-purpose. It adds warmth, corrects an incorrect shade of foundation, makes the skin glow, and we have one to suit any budget; from students to sassy socialites.


Now you want to look like J-Lo and your wallet is a little fatter like hers too, so you’re keen to splurge on a high end brand. There are many to choose from to meet your sun-kissed, pop-star goddess wannabe needs and here are two we love:

Tom Ford Large Bronzer $135

This luxury bronzer comes in a stunning ivory and gold compact and is available in a range of shades, covering pale to deep skin tones. Pearl pigments give a glow as opposed to a shimmer, which looks metallic on the skin. If subtle glow is what you want then give this one a go, in Gold Dust.

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Bronzing Powder $82

Encased in a sleek silver compact, this transparent bronzing powder with illuminating pigments, adjusts to your skin’s natural tone, and includes its own mini kabuki brush. Touch ups will be a breeze between taking selfies. How very posh.


So you don’t drink wine with diamonds in the glass, like Lil’ Kim; but you’re not exactly counting coins for your morning coffee either. Need a medium priced bronzer? Well. Here you go:

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Bronze Duo $48

Two shades side by side with a  semi-matte finish, will give the most natural look when you want to look bronze without looking like you’re wearing bronzer. How? You can custom blend when you have two shades, to suit your Summer or Winter colour! So that’s how you do it. Includes a contour brush. Easy.

TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer $29.95

This shimmery bronzer will make you feel like a 50’s pin-up girl, with its vintage packaging, and handy compact size; perfect for a small bag. Its full pigment is oil, paraben and talc free and will highlight, and warm your complexion up at the same time. How? Golden bronze pearl pigments highlight while adding depth. Clever little thing! It also doubles as a long-wear eyeshadow. You vixen, you.


If living on cuppa soup whilst you’re studying to become a Nasa Physicist is your current life status, then here are some options that will be a little more skinny- wallet friendly:

David Jones Beauty Bronzer $19.95

This sleek black compact matte bronzer, is hydrating but long-wearing, with a soft sheer silky feel, that will allow you to build your bronze glow. Oil control pigments keep you shine free and looking like your skin just looks that good. Shhh..

Face Of Australia Pressed Bronzer $11.95

What a find! This little gem with ultra fine pearl pigments, gives a smooth, even glow to your skin if you’re really skint but want to look like you actually drink wine with diamonds in the glass. No one will ever know. It’s truly amazing. Trust us.


Now that you have bought your bronzer of choice let us show you how to wear it!

Tina Andrews

Tina Andrews

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