Fashion and Beauty Blogs to Follow When You Don’t Know Much About Fashion or Beauty

“Beauty is not a competition. All women want is to be the best version of themselves.” – Sue Bryce, Photographer


Have you ever scanned through the pages of Vogue or clicked through the images on Refinery29 and been overwhelmed with the amount of fashion news or beauty tips being thrown about like confetti? Are you interested in changing your look or experimenting with colour blocking, but aren’t quite sure where to start or even what colour blocking is? Psst, guess what? You are not alone. For many of us more quiet observers, it can be difficult to navigate through the vastness of the beauty and fashion industries, yet our fascination is there and we are hungry for information. Fear not, help is at hand. The following beauty and fashion blogs are the perfect pocket companions to any girl (or guy) wanting to gain more knowledge of the current trends or how-to’s that will leave you confident to try yourself.





Who: Gritty Pretty

What: Founded in 2010 by acclaimed Australian beauty editor, Eleanor Pendleton, Gritty Pretty is an online magazine dedicated to health and beauty, and make-up. Focusing on promoting the confidence of women, Gritty Pretty introduces readers to beauty and skin care products that incorporate innovation in technology and design while providing insights into up-coming trends, giving tips women can use in their everyday skin, hair, and makeup routines.

Why: Read or subscribe for the Australian inspired stories including tips on the best sunscreens for face and body or how to take care of your hair after a day at the beach. Gritty Pretty is presented in a format that is both accessible and sophisticated, while maintaining a warm and inviting tone to encourage those of us who find louder, more complicated sites a bit daunting.

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Instagram: gritty_pretty and eleanorpendleton

Also available on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube



Who: Lauren Curtis

What: Australian makeup guru, Lauren Curtis, is everywhere. After starting her YouTube channel in 2011, Curtis has gained over 2.8 million viewers and 1.4 million followers on Instagram. The self-confessed makeup addict launched her new website, Love Loz, in mid 2015 and has been steadily gaining readership since the launch. Curtis produces ‘how-to’ video tutorials focused on (though not limited to) makeup application and the intricate details of how to recreate beauty trends for yourself.

Why: It isn’t hard to understand why Lauren Curtis has become the beauty vlogger star she is today. She is positive, honest, and extremely informative. Her tutorials are explained in a manner that is easy to understand, and her actions are very precise in order to ensure the viewers are able to replicate her advice. She explains the do’s and don’ts of makeup application effortlessly, providing guidance and entertainment for women who want to learn how to achieve a wide range of beauty looks.

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Instagram: lozcurtis

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Who: The Pastels (Chanel, Annabelle, and Clara)

What: Consisting of three, young, Sydney-siders with a penchant for makeup and a desire to share their insights, The Pastels are breaking into the beauty blogging scene with style. They produce realistic yet appealing makeup and skincare video tutorials, specifically aimed at women who find it harder to match a nude lip or foundation to their skin-tone. The girls also write reviews of Australian and overseas products, and film question and answers sessions with their followers.

Why: They are engaging, fun, and provide a positive voice to Australian beauty blogging. They describe themselves as having “an experimental approach to make-up”, allowing their viewers to develop a playful attitude toward make-up application. The Pastels’ instructions and reviews take into account the affordability and accessibility of beauty products in Australia, as well as the importance of providing our diverse population with the confidence to apply make-up.

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Instagram: theofficialpastels

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Who: Man Repeller

What: New York born and bred blogger, Leandra Medine, began Man Repeller in 2010. As a 21-year-old journalism student, Medine and her friends were becoming familiar with the concept they coined ‘man repelling’, a form of dressing that appeals to women but not necessarily to men. Running with this idea, Medine began writing Man Repeller stories and reviews, and solidified her notion of dressing to impress yourself. The funny, quirky, and highly successful blog focuses not only on fashion news and trends, but also gives advice on how women can use their own style to bend the rules of fashion.

Why: Medine and her team manage to take something quite unnerving (that being the challenge of breaking through the fashion mould) and turning it into something exciting and enjoyable. The Man Repeller provides reviews on fashion, beauty and lifestyles stories, and of course, thoughts on how to make fashion work for you. Medine has a fantastic sense of humour, which keeps the writing and videos accessible to even the most dubious of man repellers.

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Instagram: manrepeller

Also available on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest



Who: Shine By Three – Margaret Zhang

What: Shine By Three is the blog recent University of NSW law and business graduate, Margaret Zhang, started when she was the tender age of 16. Now in it’s sixth year, the blog and Zhang alike have become fashion forces to be reckoned with. Zhang is a writer, stylist, photographer and model who shares her fashion aesthetic, editorials, and collaborations via Shine By Three, as well as through her Instagram feed.

Why: Zhang presents high-end fashion in a style like no other. Her work incorporates architectural shapes and lines, artistically layering clothing and jewellery with a sureness many admire. She gives her readers confidence to be adventurous, to try more androgynous looks, to appreciate quality over quantity. She is also entertaining, honest and, funny, qualities some would say are quintessentially Australian. Above all, her work and website are impeccably presented with a clear vision and an engaging voice, encouraging us all to have a go.

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Instagram: maragaret_zhang

Also available on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest

Alenka Csomor

Alenka Csomor

Alenka Csomor is a journalist, creative writer, and former full-time dancer. She has worked as a writer for the National Gallery of Victoria’s in-house magazine, Gallery, and as an academic research assistant for Monash University in Melbourne. When she isn’t writing you will find her drinking copious amounts of tea and dancing to Fleetwood Mac in her kitchen. She is currently freelancing after returning home from an extended trip to Central and South America.

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