How to do your Makeup in 5 minutes flat



Working long hours, catching up with people, running around to appointments and meetings. If you’re anything like me you have a million places to be and the idea of showing up looking glamorous is just that, an idea. Well you’ll be pleased to know there are short cuts and quick fixes that can get you on your way in record time.



Moisturiser, toner, sunscreen, primer, foundation powder – scrap that we’re in a hurry. CC (Colour Correcting) or BB (Beauty Balm, among other names) creams are your solution. These creams have pigment to help cover any blemishes or redness and can be built up to use as concealer if needed. Most have other qualities such as moisturiser, primer SPF and serums so value for time they are. There are some excellent BB and CC creams on the market. CC and BB products are very similar, the differences are between brands of each.

We are running out of time so we have two options. Do you prefer to concentrate on eyes or lips?




If you put no other make up on your eyes at least put on mascara. Mascara will coat your lashes making them appear fuller, thicker: and in turn open your eyes up; good illusion if you’ve been up all night worried about your to do list. I recommend black, you can’t go wrong, but browns are good for very natural look and if you’re feeling a pop of colour, play with a coloured mascara, just be sure you don’t go overboard and resemble a 1980’s graduation photo.

If we are concentrating on the eyes we could use an eyeliner but if an error is made you might loose time correcting your mistake. Let’s play it safe with some shadow. A natural colour will require less decision time and any placement on the lid will work well. Depending on your preference a little shadow along the lash line, along the crease or a full lid sweep will take care of the top and a little shadow on the outer third of the bottom lash will have you complete. Note: Always do mascara after eye shadow so it covers any fallen dust.




My Grandmother used to tell me to put lipstick on for an instant pick me up if you’re feeling down or under the weather. She was from the Great Depression era. When economies were collapsing the cosmetic industry stayed strong. Sales of lipstick actually increased in this time as woman looked for a way to look and feel better. I have to agree with her advice, it works. If you’ve saved time on eyes then choose a vibrant lip colour that suits your mood and outfit. Next, and I can’t stress this enough: take care to apply the lipstick neatly. With a bright colour you’ll possibly need to re-apply or touch up during the day but if you’ve started with a neat outline touch ups will be easy.

If you’ve put attention on the eyes opt for a tinted lip balm. This will keep your lips moistened while on the go plus the hint of colour will look like you’ve had time for lipstick. Some brands will even have lip plumping, repairing conditioners and other added bonuses.


Now you’re ready for your busy day. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, it’s the best way to keep your skin healthy.

Holly Cooper

Holly Cooper

Holly Cooper is Canberra born and has worked in the beauty and fashion industry for over a decade. She loves to travel and brings those experiences home to develop new creative ideas. She enjoys a glass of red and music for relaxation and inspiration.

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