The Shopaholics Guide to Packing


I think most of us can agree that the hardest part of traveling is packing your bag. If you, like me consider yourself a shopaholic then the struggle of packing is even more challenging. My wardrobe at home is overflowing; I don’t consider myself a hoarder, I just like shopping. No matter how long the trip it’s always incredibly easy to fill a suitcase, or three, or four!

Recently I’ve found myself having to do this more often. I’m fortunate enough to be able to travel quite frequently at the moment. After a lot of practise I can say I’m getting better at reducing the size of my wardrobe by packing economically to get the most out of it and to ensure a worry free trip.

In the interest of helping all you fellow shopaholics, I’ve listed all the things I’ve learnt as a semi-hoarding shopaholic on how to pack and travel smart.



When I pack my clothes now, I have one word running through my mind:  cohesion. Like a designer planning a runway show it’s all about how your items can pair together to allow your portable wardrobe to mix up for maximum use.

Cohesion can be achieved through colour matching. Lately I’ve been sticking to black, blue, white and maroon. If you pack separates (tops and bottoms) it gives you many more options than one dress, with the opportunity to mix and match. I’m not suggesting not packing any prints. In fact I normally keep the bottom of my outfit pretty plain and pair with a print top. I love prints and would find a wardrobe way too boring without them. It is important the prints match the colour scheme so that layering is possible.



These can be a big space waster. Leave the beautiful but super uncomfortable heels at home. This doesn’t mean you only need one pair, just be smart about the few pairs you can take. I normally pack 3 pairs: active, casual flat, and casual heel (I recommend a thicker heel so there’s no issue walking). My favourite travel shoe at the moment, which fits with my own personal style, is Doc Martins 1460 Nappa. Rubber soles are so comfortable and allow for lots of walking.



Best leave the full makeup at home. Minimal hair and make up is the easiest way to travel. Not only do you not have to worry about packing everything but it’s easy to maintain throughout the day.  I like using minimal powder, mascara and a tinted lip balm.



While travelling it’s ideal to be able to carry everything you might need with you during the day. I find I get a sore back if I carry around a heavy handbag on my shoulder so I love a cute backpack, and just my luck there are so many options with the current trend! At the moment I’m using a black canvas Herschel Dawson backpack.

Next time you travel, try planning ahead a little to have a worry free trip. My final piece of advice (and favourite one) is: always remember to leave room. Never fill the suitcase to the brim. What would a vacation be without shopping along the way.



Claire is a born and bred Canberran who made the wild decision to quit her job and move to Seattle, USA. She is a kickass scientist and is adding to those superpowers by learning how to code. She loves cats, travelling, the outdoors and taking photos. Follow her adventures on Instagram @clairestcaptures

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