How to Shop Like a Beauty Insider


Now, you love all things to do with makeup, and part of that is the cool, limited edition packaging.

However, every time you go to a counter to buy that special product with the 24 karat gold and diamond encrusted packaging, it’s sold out before it’s even released. How very disenchanting.

You need some professional tips so you can be sure that your bejeweled product will be living in your foundation smeared makeup bag before that Kim K clone you always see, gets her perfectly polished little paws on it.

How will you do this? Well, you know which brands you love, so you need to make friends with those delightful consultants on the counter in your nearest department store. Now, now, they’re paid to look like dolls and if you get to know them, they will give you all the insider info on when they’re expecting these little gems in stock and put you on a waiting list in advance. Be early and by early, we mean two months prior.

Limited editions tend to come out once a year for a Christmas colour collection or seasonal colour story. They come in the form of makeup, fragrance, and sometimes deluxe or travel size skincare products or products in a collector’s box. Remember, they’re limited which means you won’t be able to buy them again, so make sure you’re not only keeping up with the Kim K clones, but that you’re 6 Manolo inches ahead, by doing the following:

  • Research on social media. Yes you already knew that.
  • As mentioned above. Make friends with those Barbie/Ken look-a-likes on counter. They’re paid to look that good and they’re in the know.
  • Keep your eye out especially for mini fragrance collections, which are great value and allow you to try a few different scents from your favourite brand for a lower price point than buying a large bottle on its own.
  • If it’s a makeup product you’re not sure how to apply, always cheerfully ask for a demonstration. Makeup limited editions, sometimes come in one off crazy colours you may not wear, so decide if you’re happy to have it as a collector’s item and if you do love it, ask if it is refillable or if the product will be available in the classic packaging in the future.

Now open your newly purchased luxury limited compact, put on your Marilyn red lipstick or Brigitte Bardot nude lip and don’t forget to book a table at the bar, so you can show off your glittery goods.

Oh! You’re being summoned.”Vain party, table for one”.

Tina Andrews

Tina Andrews

Tina is a professional beauty bitch by day and can talk about fragrances for hours on end. She also likes to talk about culture and is a part time nerd who likes to quote movies and TV shows. Tina gets excited when people get her pop culture references. She dislikes bad coffee and paying too much for it.

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  1. Brilliant Artical Tina … I love that Tina has a great sense of humour as well as an insiders point of view on beauty

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