Valentines Day

Valentine's Composition(1)

Valentines Day. That day allegedly created by gift card companies to celebrate love and romance. No other holiday seems to invite as much anticipation or disdain. But love it or hate it, Valentines Day is the perfect occasion to try out a new beauty look. Reds, pinks and nudes; the Valentines colour palette is unashamedly feminine. And the best part, you don’t need a valentine to try a bold red pout, or a delicate peachy blush, these looks work all year round. Let this holiday be an excuse (if you even need one) to treat yourself to a beautiful new product.

So what is your favourite Valentines day beauty look? Sweet or Sultry? Our illustrator Surbi Chetty gives you all the inspiration you need.

Surbi Chetty

Surbi Chetty

Surbi lives in a world of beauty and makeup, which is her main inspiration for drawing. She is a beauty illustrator by day and makeup school student by night. Her late nights are for writing. Surbi's drawing style is carefree and wild, she likes to break all the rules and let her watercolours and pens take control whilst listening to some jazz music on the radio.

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