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All those who have travelled are well aware of what’s called ‘the travel bug’. It’s that feeling you get when you arrive home after a genuinely awesome trip. You are filled with great experiences, never-to-forget memories and a desire for more adventure. Oh and you also probably experienced some airport chaos, non-English speaking taxi drivers and often a mishap leaving you feeling extremely stressed and exhausted. That’s what makes it fun and memorable though, it’s crazy and amazing at the same time.

The travel bug hit me after my first overseas trip. I was about 11 years old when I went on a family holiday to Malaysia. We swam, kayaked, shopped, took photos, ate (a lot) and did all of the usual things you do on a family holiday. I have since been on many wonderful worldwide adventures and am currently planning my next trip to South America to visit my brother who is currently living in Brazil.

I love planning travel itinerary’s and getting all geared up for what I’m about to experience. I also love giving friends tips on places I recommend based on past travel experiences. I have a continuous interest in learning about new places I’d like to visit and aim to fill my life with as much adventure and as many experiences as possible.

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”

-Paulo Coelho

So, in the midst of researching things to do in Lima and Buenos Aires I thought why not write a piece about why I find travelling so damn awesome. I could probably think of 100 reasons why I’m obsessed with travelling but for now we’ll settle for 7.


It’s a holiday

Travelling means you’re in relax mode. You’ve earned some time off and are ready to have fun, embrace new cultures, taste new foods and explore great landscapes. You’re in a no-stress state of mind (aside from when you’re super stressed figuring out what bus/train/metro you need to be on) and can disconnect from your regular routine.


Meeting new people

This is one of the most valuable aspects of travelling particularly when travelling alone. Making connections means future travel plans with those people or possible accommodation arrangements with your new friends. Meeting new people when travelling can often lead to life-long friendships and it’s interesting to learn about their background, where they live, and what they do.


Working on your bucket list

Even if you don’t have an official pen on paper bucket list I’m sure you’ve mentally stored away a few places you’d like to visit one day. Travelling means ticking those off, finding places you want to go back to and finding out about new places you never thought of going. The world is smaller than you think.


Learning new things

One of my favourite parts of travelling is learning new languages. Even if it’s just ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ it makes me feel apart of the culture. Whilst also learning about the world around you, you’ll learn a lot about yourself, your capabilities and limits and how willing you are to test those limits.


Challenging yourself

I like to think of myself as ambitious. I’m always keen to meet new people and try new things, hence the obsession with travelling. So challenging myself is no different. It’s scary travelling alone and it’s scary going to places where you don’t know the language but it helps you grow. By doing things that push you outside of your comfort zone you naturally become more confident, determined, and more adaptable.


Inspiration, motivation and adventure

Staying in the same place and doing the same thing all the time can drive you crazy. Steer clear of what’s boring and excite yourself. Travelling gives you inspiration for future endeavours. It motivates you to be more adventurous and to do more with your life. Carpe diem!


Appreciation and perspective

Travelling gives you perspective. You see the world through a different lens and are able to appreciate how good you have it. It makes you more worldly and wise and will broaden your outlook in the best way.


If you haven’t travelled before I encourage you to do so. It’s a holiday, a learning experience and something you won’t forget. Interstate, overseas, wherever, travelling is good for your soul. It means countless Instagram opportunities and unlimited benefits. I hope I have re-ignited the desire within you to travel and have helped you get going on planning your next trip.


“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

-Hunter S. Thompson





Image: Claire Gatenby

Georgia L Holgate

Georgia L Holgate

Georgia is currently studying a Bachelor of Communications in Advertising at the University of Canberra. She loves to eat, travel, learn, Instagram and sleep. Georgia is Italian, a Leo as well as very dramatic and believes in hard work, having fun and pure imagination. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @GeorgiaLHolgate

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