The Power of Lipstick

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If the words satin, cream, liquid, or matte mean anything to you, then we share something in common. Of course, we both know that I’m talking about lipstick. No matter what shade or formula suits your taste, lipstick is the quintessential piece of makeup that many of us know and adore.

The first time I bought and tried out lipstick was around the age of twelve. I remember going to the drugstore and buying the brightest red lipstick I could find for two whole dollars. I remember loving the pop of color and the attention that it brought to my face. As I got older I began to adventure outside of reds and wear plums, pinks, and berries. Now a near twenty year old, I can certainly say that I own my fair share of lipsticks, most of which are still bright reds.

To say that I love lipstick would be a serious understatement. Anyone that knows me, or has perhaps even seen me, knows that I’m not afraid to use it. Whether it is an audacious bright red, a deep seductive plum, or a fresh rosy pink, lipstick is definitely something I don’t hold back on. It’s that one piece of makeup that I feel really completes my look, so much so that I consider it an integral part of any outfit.

For me, and undoubtedly many others, lipstick is powerful. It has the power to change the way that I feel about myself and consequently can change the way that I act. It makes me feel confident, powerful, feminine and sexy. I can honestly say that I have used it in times when I have perhaps needed a bit of confidence. Whether it be a job interview, a date, or even perhaps doing a speech at university, it’s made me feel unstoppable. It’s truly magical. Who ever knew that some substance in a tube could bring you so much power and emotion?

Some may also say that your choice of lipstick shade is a reflection of your personality. For me, this would be far from the truth. Considering the fact that I live chiefly in reds and plums, this would suggest that I’m outgoing, extroverted, or perhaps even sultry (terms that I’d never associate with myself generally). That being said, I certainly do believe that some people’s lipstick choices accurately reflect their character. For instance, the sweet Emma Stone is most commonly seen wearing a soft, rosy pink or coral, and the sexy Dita Von Teese wouldn’t be caught dead without her iconic red lipstick.

No matter what reason you may use it or what shade you wear, lipstick is a wonderful and fun piece of makeup to experiment with and will always be my personal favorite. As my grandmother always said to me, “you never look quite done until you’ve got a dash of lipstick on”, and I can’t help but agree.

Lauren McKay

Lauren McKay

A musician, red lipstick wearer, aspiring doctor, and all round science enthusiast, Lauren also has a strong interest in photography. When she’s not being a literal lifesaver or madly studying nursing, you could expect Lauren to be photographing a whole variety of different and unique subjects. She’s recently joined Leiden to try her hand at editorial photography and is loving every minute of it.

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