My Hair Story: Exploring One Girl’s Relationship with Hair

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There is one question I have been asked more times than I can count: “Why do you change your hair so much?” And I never know what answer people are looking for. It has become a normal part of my life to change it up regularly. Growing up I went to a private school where it was pony tails and buns every day. There was no opportunity to have fun with my hair or experiment with it, so I never thought about it any other way.

It wasn’t until my sister took me to a nice salon for my birthday that my whole view on hair changed. I sat in the soft leather chair, looked at my thick, bland, long hair in the mirror and the stylist asked me what I wanted. I had no idea. Thankfully, my sister suggested something I would never have thought of for myself. As the stylist began cutting off length, I felt nervous but also quite excited. When the cut was done and my hair was styled, I felt like a new person (2001). It made me feel confident and good about my hair for the first time.

Since that day, I have cut, coloured and changed my hair many times. It has played a huge part of my changing style and growth. There have been styles I have loved more than others such as the short, blunt bob I had in 2014. This style felt like the most dramatic change for me at the time because of the bright colour and having it shaved underneath. My latest style (2015) has been the most fun I’ve had with my hair in awhile. I’m just loving the purple pixie cut! I can simply wake up in the morning and gently tousle it here and there with a small amount of product and it’s done.

For many, their hair is a big part of their identity. Celebrities such as Sia with her blunt, blonde bob, Gwen Stefani with her platinum sleek locks and Ginnifer Goodwin with her edgy pixie cuts all have their own signature styles that form part of their identities and make them hair icons. While there is nothing wrong with being comfortable with one hair style and not wanting to change it, I am quite the opposite. I want to try lots of styles and have fun with it. Instead of splurging on a new pair of shoes, I’ll splurge on a new haircut.

Changing my hair makes me feel refreshed. It’s always exciting trying out all the new ways it can be worn. I follow a lot of hair and beauty blogs and Instagram accounts so I’m always inspired when choosing what to do next. Our hair doesn’t just have to be that annoying thing on top of our head that we fight with every morning. It can be a statement, the difference between feeling that we look good or bad.

Our hair can be our greatest accessory, not our worst enemy. By trying new things with your hair and finding styles that show your personality it can bring out your confidence and make you feel amazing. Try different colours that compliment your eyes and skin tone. Talk with your stylist about what you want and bring lots of pictures with you so that you’re on the same page.

Lexi Keelan

Lexi Keelan

Lexi Keelan is an artist based in Canberra, Australia. Lexi has always harboured a passion for drawing, singing and playing the piano and changing up her hair style. She completed her Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development (Specializing in Art) Academy of Interactive Entertainment and runs her own business ‘Art by Lexi’.

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  1. Hey sweetie great read you are following in the footsteps of your relatives love you darling keep up the good work! X0

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