Indulge in Mid Winter Shopping

  We know that Canberra winter sucks balls. It’s already dark when you leave work and all you want to do of an evening is curl up at home with a big bowl of pasta. As appealing as that scenario is, if you can brave a mid winter night for a few hours, we know of a couple things that will make it worth your while.   Our friends the Lonsdale Street Traders are throwing a shopping night on Thursday 20 July and everyone is invited. There will be complimentary sparkling and yummy goodies to eat, freshly roasted chestnuts, entertainment… Continue Reading

Pink’s Rebel Cause

  Complaining about the winter weather in Canberra is practically a citywide pastime. A scroll through your Instagram feed will show you snaps of people wishing for warmer weather, sharing their best winter style, or marveling at their pets’ frozen over water bowl. Yes, defrosting our cars is annoying, and yes, it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed for a run when it’s still minus three outside, but for most of us, we have a nice, warm home to curl up in. For a lot of people, however this isn’t the case. Up to 2000 people experience homelessness each… Continue Reading

How to Style – Colour in Winter

Wearing black is all well and good but when the weather is cold and grey outside, sometimes you just need to wear some colour. Investing in cheery outerwear is the easiest way to inject some vibrancy into your winter wardrobe. Let a colourful coat make a statement when paired with neutrals, or how about dressing head to toe in colour? Or what about a mix of the two? Dressing in colour is fun and we have three suggestions for you.   Baby Blue   Coat: Asos Shirt: Miu Miu Trousers: Trenery Shoes: Kenzo Bag: Vintage Dior Why it works: Take… Continue Reading

Dressing for Winter

  In March this year I moved from Melbourne — where the average temperature during the day was 30 to 40 degrees celsius — to Wellington, New Zealand. Here it is a national celebration if a day gets hotter than 26 degrees celsius and when I got here in March it was a high of 22. This was considered ‘surprisingly mild’ for locals at that time of year. Now, well into June, we are talking single digits in the morning and non stop rain for days at a time. There is snow on the mountains and ice on the cars.… Continue Reading

What To Do When You Have Lost Your Merry This Winter

  I am pretty lucky, for some reason I have a natural predisposition to be optimistic and happy. I genuinely feel blessed to be healthy, doing something I love and to have amazing people in my life. However this week I lost my merry a little. A few events happened that threw me around mentally, and then I got sick which left me a little behind with work. I didn’t have the energy to reply to simple texts, emails and every time I looked in the mirror I felt pretty unattractive. My nose was red, my eyes were puffy and… Continue Reading