Ethical Fashion Table – Discussing Sustainable Fashion

  On Saturday 16 June, I attended an Ethical Fashion Table organised by the founder of ethical clothing label Pure Pod, Kelli Donovan. Kelli has spent twenty-eight years working in the fashion industry, with eleven of those running her own ethical fashion label. She is a passionate advocate for the Australian fashion industry, particularly the sustainable fashion movement. In creating this event, Kelli sought to bring like minds together to not only support one another but to openly discuss and suggest solutions for the environmental and social issues associated with the global world of fashion. Over a delicious meal, organised… Continue Reading

How to Become a Conscious Fashion Consumer

  Since putting together Building a Conscious Wardrobe alongside my lovely friend Lexi Keelan, I have radically revaluated the way I think about fashion. I am buying less and buying better, I am caring for what I have and I am being more mindful about how I dispose of what I no longer need. And I am feeling pretty darn good. A by-product of all this change is the debate about ethical and sustainable fashion I now find myself engaging in regularly with my friends and family and in particular with my mum.   Here is an excerpt from our… Continue Reading

Leiden Podcast – Episode 12: Cartier, Reality TV & Circular Fashion

  This is Leiden Podcast a fortnightly podcast discussing all our favourite things: fashion, beauty, health and fitness. But we don’t stop there, we also interview amazing people, talk about relationships, books, pop culture, money and sex. In our twelfth episode, Leiden editor Emma Batchelor chats with Leiden copy editor and Bachelor in Paradise Australia expert Jesse Petrie.  The pair chat about all the things they have been reading, watching and listening to before diving in to a discussion on the new Cartier exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia, the recent Circular Fashion conference in Sydney and the tragic… Continue Reading

Personal Style File – Ethically Kate

  Name: Kate Hall Age: 21 What I do: Ethical fashion writer, brand advocate, and entrepreneur   Describe your Personal Style My style is quirky and eclectic, with a side of class and simplicity. I know that describes pretty much every style, but it’s true that I dress differently depending on the day and mood. I’m excited by colour, and love being the only one in the room in a skirt with unicorns and elephants. Some days I go for classic looks, as I adore all things vintage. I think everyone must have quite different first impressions of me.  … Continue Reading

Clothes Swap and Style Event

It’s clothes swap time! Fast fashion can make us feel like clothing is disposable. Is this scenario familiar? Heidi bought a dress to wear out to a party last week and is now sick of it, but hey, it only cost $40 so it’s no big deal to her so she chucks it out. Just imagine if everyone in Australia did that to just one item? In Australia, we generate 6000 kilograms of clothing waste every 10 minutes (ABC TV). Only a comparatively small percentage of what we donate to charity shops gets sold with the rest ending up in… Continue Reading

Fashionably Numb – Changing the Way we Think About Fashion

  For most of us, clothes are fun. As well as protecting us from the elements, they offer a mechanism for self-expression, an opportunity to try on different personas. We enjoy the thrill of the chase, constantly seeking the buzz that finding the perfect hard to find item produces. And then, once that thrill wears off, we do it all again. We want more, more, more and more often. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Many of the people who work to produce the clothes we wear don’t earn a living wage and… Continue Reading

Slow Fashion Workshop

  The rise of fast fashion and the increasing consumer demand for the latest trends has cemented the fashion industry as one of the world’s biggest polluters. Textile waste, toxic chemicals, and pesticides used in farming are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impact that the clothes we buy and wear have on the environment. An increasing number of designers and fashion labels are stepping up to make a change in the way they practice business and if you are thinking of starting a label today, there is no question that it should be an… Continue Reading

Australian Label Edition on its way to Seoul Fashion Week

  Canberra based fashion label Edition has been named as one of only three Australian labels to take part in a new program that will see the label, and it’s designer Alice Sutton, take part in Seoul Fashion Week in March as well as Sydney Fashion Week in May. The Australia-Korea Foundation Emerging Designer Exchange Program is an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which aims to allow the successful designers to connect and collaborate internationally as well as immerse them in a culture they may not be familiar with. Each of the six participants, three from… Continue Reading