Celebrating Sex One Position at a Time – Speed Bump

  Position #9 Speed Bump This position may seem lazy but it’s anything but. The receiving partner lies on their tummy with their hips slightly raised (a pillow can help) while the partner on top enters from behind. If you can get the angle just right, this position is perfect for hitting the g-spot of the receiving partner. Rear entry positions can feel a little less romantic due to a lack of eye contact so maybe opt for something else if you are in the mood for more intimate contact.   Leiden is celebrating sex one position at a time.… Continue Reading

Face Sitter

  Position #8 Face Sitter Have some fun with this oral sex position. One partner lies down while the other brings their knees either side of their partners head. A wall or headboard is handy to support the top partner who can control the pleasure. Make sure you leave enough room for the bottom partner to breath!   Leiden is celebrating sex one position at a time. Each fortnight we will be celebrating a different sex position in our sexy new illustration series featuring original artwork by Lexi Keelan.

Sixty Nine

  Position #7 Sixty Nine If you are a fan of both giving and receiving oral sex then this is the position for you. Soixante-neuf as our french friends call it, allows you to do both at the same time! This position involves two partners coming together in an inverted position (just like a 6 and a 9) to simultaneously pleasure each other orally. This can be a bit tricky for partners who aren’t of a similar height but play around to find a configuration that works for you. Believe us, its worth it.   Leiden is celebrating sex one… Continue Reading