Seeking a Boyfriend for the End of the World

  I have been single for about a year and a half now and while my needs may have changed during that period, I have never stopped searching for a romantic partner. In my fundamental core I want a person that I am attracted to, am compatible with, have great sex with, and can grow with — is that so much to ask? Apparently it is, because I am still searching for that partner to cuddle up on the couch with, go out to dinner with and have adventures with. It just never seems to work out. Maybe it’s because… Continue Reading

An Ode To Face Sitting

  Oral pleasure is one of my favourite sexual acts and it is always interesting when your partner and you come up with different ways to incite your favourite pleasures. But what happens if you dive into a deeper world of sexual fantasies and experimentation, only to find the act in question – while consensual – is also dangerous? This was a unique situation I found myself in with a guy I was dating who loved asphyxiation via face sitting. Now depending on the person, face sitting isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea – it certainly isn’t mine, and it… Continue Reading

The Hot Seat

  Position #13 The Hot Seat In this rear entry position, the partner sitting on top is in control of the pace, depth and angle of penetration. The penetrating partner sits down with the receiving partner in their lap, in between their legs. The receiving partner can use the chair or bed beneath them to help maintain the action while the partner behind has their hands free to run all over their body. For the ladies enjoying this position on top, get ready for some G-spot stimulation.   Leiden is celebrating sex one position at a time. Each fortnight we… Continue Reading

The Rule of Thirds: Should You Wait Until The Third Date To Have Sex?

  There are many rules when it comes to dating, but one of the most well known is that you shouldn’t sleep with someone until the third date. The ideology behind this is that you can set boundaries for yourself and for others, that you can figure out if you actually like the person and get to know them first, and also so that you are not seen as ‘easy’ or a ‘slut’. Some people swear by the third date rule while others take a ‘who cares?’ approach. But in this modern age of dating, ghosting and Tinder does waiting… Continue Reading


  Position #12 Waterfall This position is for those who like something out of the ordinary. The penetrating partner lays face upwards with their head and shoulders off the edge of the bed while the receiving partner climbs on top with their legs in front and can control the depth and pace of this sexy encounter. The penetrating partner can enjoy a rush of blood to the head and an extra special view.   Leiden is celebrating sex one position at a time. Each fortnight we will be celebrating a different sex position in our sexy new illustration series featuring… Continue Reading

Blow Job

  Position #11 Blow Job Often one of our first sexual encounters on the pathway to penetration, the humble BJ is a classic. This doesn’t mean there isn’t an art to the practice, with speed, depth, and tongue action all up for consideration. While face full of dick can be intimidating, the best thing to do is to just dive in, play and have fun.   Leiden is celebrating sex one position at a time. Each fortnight we will be celebrating a different sex position in our sexy new illustration series featuring original artwork by Lexi Keelan.  

The Spider

  Position #10 The Spider This position is perfect for a long, slow and lazy shagfest. It can be a little tricky to get into quickly if you haven’t got the flexibility of a gymnast, so take your time getting there. Start with the one partner sitting astride the other and then each lean back one after the other until your heads are between each others legs. Small grinding movements are all you need to get things going and make sure to make use of your hands. Stop things from getting boring with gentle, sensual teasing.   Leiden is celebrating… Continue Reading

Speed Bump

  Position #9 Speed Bump This position may seem lazy but it’s anything but. The receiving partner lies on their tummy with their hips slightly raised (a pillow can help) while the partner on top enters from behind. If you can get the angle just right, this position is perfect for hitting the g-spot of the receiving partner. Rear entry positions can feel a little less romantic due to a lack of eye contact so maybe opt for something else if you are in the mood for more intimate contact.   Leiden is celebrating sex one position at a time.… Continue Reading