Personal Style File – Simone Devine

  Name: Simone Devine Age: 28 What I Do: Jewellery and homewares designer (@simonedevinejewelry) and online content creator.   Describe your Personal Style I’ve always seen it as a playful interpretation of classic. Subtly has never really been my thing. I’m drawn to pieces that are a delicate combination of fun, eclectic and elegant. My style is very emotionally driven. Ultimately I want to feel really excited to wear my chosen outfit.   What pieces are on high rotation in your wardrobe? This year I bought a bright orange Vivetta coat which is so oversized you could practically live in… Continue Reading

What Everyone Was Wearing to FASHFEST Show 1

  As previously discussed in our guide to event dressing ie. not giving a fuck what anybody else thinks, part of the fun of attending a fashion event is appreciating what everyone else is wearing. Unfortunately the mood lighting was a little dark to do too much appreciating but we did manage to see some fabulous people wearing some fabulous things.     To see what happened on the runway catch up on our runway reports for Show 1 and Show 2.   Team Leiden on the night consisted of Emma Batchelor, Jenna Maurer, Hannah Wallace, Jesse Petrie and Johanna… Continue Reading

Personal Style File – Nina Gbor

  Name: Nina Gbor What I do: Eco Stylist (Personal stylist with a focus on sustainability)   Describe your Personal Style My personal style is an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary pieces that I style in dramatic, feminine, edgy and creative looks. I like bright, bold colours and unusual pieces that are not on-trend. I wear a lot of full circle vintage dresses from the 40s and 50s for instance. Everything I wear is a reflection of how I’m feeling or something to make me happy.   What pieces are on high rotation in your wardrobe? Usually dresses that… Continue Reading

Personal Style File – Bree Winchester

  Name: Bree Winchester Age: 39 What I do: I head up the Canberra Life team at The Canberra Times   Describe your Personal Style Fun, quirky, vintage meets pop culture. Also – YOLO!   What pieces are on high rotation in your wardrobe? My black tutu, leopard print tights, gold shimmer Converse high-tops, denim jacket and pink doughnut earrings.   What are you favourite labels, who are your favourite designers? 17 Sundays, Society Plus, Asos Plus and City Chic are my go-to labels. Vicky Kidd-Gallichan from Rockstars and Royalty is inspirational (she’s making my big fat gypsy dress for… Continue Reading

Musings on That Flighty Temptress: Personal Style

  A few months ago I read an article penned by one of my personal idols, Leandra Medine. It was titled Is Personal Style Thoughtful Anymore? After immersing herself in re-watching Sex and the City, Leandra came to the conclusion that Carrie Bradshaw’s sense of style was ‘thoughtful’, something that, for Leandra, is a rarity that almost transcends the notion of style itself. She also came to the conclusion that the women who’s personal style she most admired weren’t those who’s dress sense she wanted to emulate but were rather women who use what they wear to truly express themselves regardless of the opinion of… Continue Reading

How to Style – A Statement Coat

At Leiden we don’t believe in buying something to wear once before leaving it to languish in your wardrobe, donating it to charity or (the horror) throwing it in the bin. We believe in being mindful about what you buy and making sure that your hard earned dollars are invested in pieces that you will wear again and again and again. Spend you money on good quality pieces that can last the distance; it’s better for your wallet and the environment. One item that I like to invest is outerwear. I spend a lot of money on good quality coats… Continue Reading

A Few Outfits

Polka Dot Party Dress: Gorman Bag: Vintage Chanel Shoes: Miu Miu The Look: Flirty black layers with pops of pink, what’s not to love? This dress comes as two separate dresses making it super good value. I bought it in Melbourne and discovered the security tag was still on when I got home. My boyfriend Jesse smashed it off with a hammer so I could wear it to the opening night of the Ladies in Black musical. Balenciaga for Less Dress: H&M Shoes: MR by Man Repeller The Look: This is another bargain that I picked up from H&M in… Continue Reading