I Have a Bone to Pick with Who What Wear

  Nearly every day an email from American style site Who What Wear drops into my inbox. For the most part, my morning scroll through my email inbox before I head off to the gym leaves me feeling informed and often inspired, but when it comes to emails from Who What Wear I generally end up pissy. And it’s because of article titles like this:   ‘5 Items That Make Women Scientifically More Attractive to Men’ ― because of course the whole reason I get dressed in the morning is to be more attractive to men. ‘15 Items All Men… Continue Reading

Beware the Black Friday Sale Frenzy

  It seems traces of American culture are slowly creeping into our Australian way of life. First it was Halloween filling our social media feeds with over the top costumes and elaborate beauty looks. Now it’s the Black Friday sales. Lately every time I open my email or scroll through Facebook someone is telling me to get ready for Black Friday because a bargain is coming. In America, Black Friday and its sister, Cyber Monday, mean big business. This four-day weekend retail bonanza kicks off the holiday season, with 30% of the entire seasons sales taking place on Black Friday.… Continue Reading

Does FASHFEST Still Pass the FASH-test?

  Note from the Author: When researching and writing this article I have found myself on a journey clouded by passionate opinions, varied perceptions and anonymous disclosures. I have questioned the ethics of speaking up versus staying quiet and what the role of a publication such as this is and should be within the Canberra fashion community. In publishing this story Leiden hopes to spark a conversation about fashion, design and creativity and what we all, from the people who sew each garment through to those sitting in the stands admiring them, want that to be celebrated in our home… Continue Reading

H&M is Coming to Canberra – But Do We Really Want It?

  After long term speculation and repeated denial from both the Canberra Centre and the company itself,  it has been announced that we are in fact getting an H&M in Canberra. The fast fashion behemoth is set to open its doors later in the year. We wager that it will reside in the empty double story space left by Dick Smith and the rearrangement of other stores or in the new section above the newly refurbished beauty destination. Time will tell. As exciting as having access to an international brand right at our very own doorstep is, and as much… Continue Reading

Musings on That Flighty Temptress: Personal Style

  A few months ago I read an article penned by one of my personal idols, Leandra Medine. It was titled Is Personal Style Thoughtful Anymore? After immersing herself in re-watching Sex and the City, Leandra came to the conclusion that Carrie Bradshaw’s sense of style was ‘thoughtful’, something that, for Leandra, is a rarity that almost transcends the notion of style itself. She also came to the conclusion that the women who’s personal style she most admired weren’t those who’s dress sense she wanted to emulate but were rather women who use what they wear to truly express themselves regardless of the opinion of… Continue Reading

The Trouble With Hair

  I have recently been getting a lot of positive feedback about my hair, which, while lovely, has lead me to reflect on why this might be. I am actually quite bad with my hair. Sheree, our lovely contributor who is also my hairdresser, can attest. But first some context. You have probably noticed from the many photos getting around of me that I love clothes. I love clothes so much that I regularly spend all my spare money (and even money I don’t have) on all the pretty things that call out to me, wooing me with their siren… Continue Reading

An Obituary For My Sunglasses

  My favourite pair of sunglasses recently broke. They were red, and glittery and they were beautiful. If you were anything like my boyfriend you would say ‘It’s no big deal, maybe now you will finally wear those Prada ones you bought over a year ago but have barely worn.’ Well my friends, to me it was a big deal. Yes, I have many other sunglasses, including the aforementioned rarely worn Prada ones; but to me, my red Miu Miu glitter sunglasses were a part of me: an extension of my spirit, if you will. I felt they said a lot… Continue Reading

Condolences to Gen X and the Boomers

  So, 2016. Got anything you want to tell us? OK, allow me. You’ve taken a few too many legends and it’s time you saw the impact on us. Just this year, two of the best in the music industry crossed over into the next realm and it begs the question: is God, The Universe or whoever is in charge of who kicks, supremely pissed off at celebrities, particularly musicians and if so, what did they do to invite this eeny meeny miny moe of death amongst themselves? As a Generation X kid who grew up in the 80s and 90s,… Continue Reading