Independent Togetherness – Addressing the Stigma of Remaining Unmarried

  Jesse and I have been a couple for almost five years. We own a home together. We have similar core values. We actively plan for our shared future. We are unmarried. And have no plans of becoming so. And up until recently, I have been very happy with this mutually made decision. Our relationship centres on our self-devised philosophy of independent togetherness. Although we are navigating our lives together, we maintain an element of separateness, which suits our respective temperaments and situations. Jesse requires alone time to recharge; I am often out and about attending events and taking meetings,… Continue Reading

Always a Mother, Forever a Friend

                          Credits Photography: Jessica Christie / Facebook / Instagram @jessica_christie Flowers: Eight Stems / Facebook / Instagram @eightstems Model: Sarah Kennewell / Facebook / Instagram @sarah.kennewell and Scarlett Kennewell Pajamas: Cats Pyjamas Sleepwear / Facebook / Instagram @catspyjamassleepwear Styling: Emma Batchelor, Leiden Magazine   Both Eight Stems and photogrpher Jessica Christie have special offers for Mother’s day. In addition to having beautiful blooms available for pre-order, Eight Stems will be running Mothers Day workshops on Sunday 20 May. Head on to their website for more… Continue Reading

Learning to Counter ‘Bikini Body’ Bullshit

  It’s September, so what I like to call ‘Bikini Body Bullshit’ is about to reach a fever pitch. That time of year when every second banner on Facebook is reminding you that it’s time to start starving yourself and loathing your body in an effort to be ready for summer. Heaven forbid any of us forget what a terrible sin it is not to have a perfectly flat stomach and thigh gap when the warmer months roll around! So much will be telling us to cut out sugar, grains, dairy, meat, egg yolks, all sustenance, else we look like… Continue Reading


This same sex bridal shoot is something I’ve been looking forward to shooting for a very long time. I was thrilled to be working with the very talented Steph Quarmby for makeup, and the gorgeous Victoria and Kate for this empowering feminine shoot. Shot at the National Arboretum in Canberra, this afternoon bridal shoot was incredible fun. It baffles me that in Australia, a first world country, we even still have the question of same sex marriage on the plate. Get this: according to the 2011 Australian Census, around 33,700 same-sex couples in Australia were registered, with 17,600 male same-sex… Continue Reading