When a life crisis forces you to lose control

Sometimes a life crisis forces us to look long and hard at life, including where we sit in our careers and whether our seat is a good one. That’s just what Dr Danielle Klar did when recovering from both breast cancer and clots in her lungs and legs, which almost killed her. And that’s why I invited Danielle to be the guest speaker at the November Network of Possibility, a philanthropic initiative for like-minded people who want to connect, share knowledge and experience, and give back to the community.  As the founder of the Network, I invited Danielle to share… Continue Reading

(Almost) Everything I wore in 2018

All the way back in January 2018 I set myself the challenge of taking a mirror selfie every day. Initially, I wanted to hold myself accountable to my new year’s style resolutions — making better use of the clothes I already owned, styling them more flamboyantly and actually doing something with my hair. However, as January drew to an end, thirty days of mirror selfies later, I knew I hadn’t finished playing sartorial anthropologist. For an entire year taking a photograph of myself after getting dressed became as integral a part of my morning routine as brushing my teeth or… Continue Reading

GILLETTE not changing the world, just saving its skin

The world has gone into meltdown over the last couple of days. No, I’m not talking about the heat, I’m talking about the new Gillette marketing campaign. You’ve probably seen it, you’ve probably liked it, you’ve probably shared it and you’ve probably commented on it. No doubt, it has been a viral sensation. A million words have been written, a million salty bro-tears shed and a million ‘virtue-signalling’ platitudes given. Incels, MRAs and Proud Boys across the globe are throwing their Gillette in the bin and switching to Schick, while their ‘lefty snowflake’ counterparts are serving up schmaltzy drivel like… Continue Reading