News Roundup: September 2018 – 3

  New York Fashion Week Man Repeller Fashion is Finally Embracing a New Kind of Sex Appeal Harling Ross, 12/9/18 ‘The link between style and sexuality is both obvious and inextricable, not only in terms of the tension between what is revealed and what is not, but also because of how thoroughly these threads are woven into the tapestries of our identity: a merging of the physical (clothes, bodies) with the emotional (power, desire, self-expression). Cultural norms dictate many of the ways these two worlds intersect, but a number of designers at New York Fashion Week have been offering up… Continue Reading

September 2018 – 2

  Fashion Business of Fashion Imran Amed, 6/9/18 Burberry Stops Destroying Product and Bans Real Fur ‘A PR backlash enveloped Burberry following the revelation that it destroyed £28.6 million worth of unsold product last year. Now, the company is ending the practice and banning animal fur. In a global exclusive interview, BoF’s Imran Amed sits down with Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti to decode the thinking behind the move.’ Read More (it’s behind the pay wall but you won’t regret a professional membership to BoF)   Beauty Business of Fashion The Original Internet Beauty Brand Is Under Attack Kati Chitrakorn, 8/9/18… Continue Reading

News Round Up: September 2018 – 1

  Fashion Buzzfeed In Stories About Fashion’s Behind-The-Scenes Icons, Should Sexuality Matter? Pier Dominguez, 22/8/18 ‘New films about Alexander McQueen, André Leon Talley, and Kevyn Aucoin raise complex questions about how their identities have shaped their work and lives.’ Read More   Fast Company Why racism is so entrenched in the fashion industry Elizabeth Segran, 25/8/18 ‘The fashion community has shown that it is willing to fight for social justice and progressive causes. So why hasn’t it done more to grapple with racism in its own ranks?’ Read More   Sydney Morning Herald Shoes of Prey on verge of collapse… Continue Reading

August 2018 – 4

  Fashion Man Repeller Hayley Nahman, 15/8/18 Why Do I Feel the Need to “Look Good”? ‘It was an old instinct of mine, to apologize or acknowledge when I felt unattractive, and as I flipped through my mental Rolodex of times I’d done it, I recalled times I’d seen others do it, too: girls apologizing at the beginning of YouTube makeup tutorials for their makeup-less faces, friends admitting “they looked like shit” the moment they sat down to greet me, women announcing they hadn’t washed their hair in days before anyone had so much as noticed.’ Read More   Business… Continue Reading

August 2018 – 3

Fashion The Fashion Law $500 Million in Counterfeit Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel Goods Seized in One of the Largest Busts to Date 16/8/18 ‘The Department of Homeland Security seized counterfeit handbags and other accessories that would have a value of $500 million – if authentic and sold at retail – at ports in New York and New Jersey, as well as in Los Angeles, as part of a sophisticated and elaborate scheme.’ Read More   Business of Fashion Fur: A Reality Check Mark Oaten and Nancy Daigneault, 17/8/18 ‘Not only is real fur continuing to make a strong showing on the catwalks,… Continue Reading

August 2018 – 2

  Fashion Business of Fashion Whatever: How Fashion Lost Its Meaning Eugene Rabkin, 8/8/18 ‘Fashion has entered a state of pure postmodernism where anything goes and nothing means anything anymore, argues Eugene Rabkin.’ Read More   The Business of Fashion Fashion’s Fur-Free Future PJ Smith, 11/8/18 Today’s consumers want to align their values with their wardrobes like never before and fashion companies are taking notice, argues PJ Smith. Read More   Health SBS How a multibillion dollar ‘poison’ was sold to us for 40 yrs Cat Woods, 6/8/18 ‘‘The Sugar Conspiracy’ explores the devastating health consequences of the sugar industry’s… Continue Reading

August 2018 -1

  Fashion and Retail The Business of Fashion A Week of Reckoning at Condé Nast BoF Team, 3/8/18 The publishing company is reported to have lost more than $120 million last year and plans to put Brides, Golf Digest and W up for sale. But the makeover won’t end there. Read More   The Business of Fashion Amazon Posts Small Loss in Australia Reuters, 3/8/18 ‘The US company launched its website on December 5 racking up a modest loss of £5.09 million, after rattling established bricks-and-mortar retailers.’ Read More   The Business of Fashion The Start-Ups Behind New York’s Retail… Continue Reading

July 2018 – 5

  Fashion The Business of Fashion Op-Ed | Why the Plus-Size Revolution Will Fail Liroy Choufan, 27/7/18 Disturbing as it might sound, fashion and inclusivity are incompatible, argues Liroy Choufan. Read More   Beauty Business of Fashion What Happens When Sephora Becomes Your Rival Jessica Schiffer, 25/7/18 ‘Small beauty retailers have thrived with ‘natural’ products that became big sellers. Now they are under pressure from the likes of Sephora muscling in on the space.’ Read More   Gender The Sydney Morning Herald Top companies ‘failing’ on gender pay gap face investor revolt Nassim Khadem, 23/7/18 ‘Investors could take stronger action… Continue Reading