The Trouble With Hair

  I have recently been getting a lot of positive feedback about my hair, which, while lovely, has lead me to reflect on why this might be. I am actually quite bad with my hair. Sheree, our lovely contributor who is also my hairdresser, can attest. But first some context. You have probably noticed from the many photos getting around of me that I love clothes. I love clothes so much that I regularly spend all my spare money (and even money I don’t have) on all the pretty things that call out to me, wooing me with their siren… Continue Reading

Review: Good Dye Young

In typical everyday life, we don’t tend to see people walking around with hair that is so bright you need sunglasses just to look at it. But why not? Well now there is nothing holding you back. Let me introduce you to Good Dye Young. Good Dye Young is a new, do-it-yourself, at home hair colour that has already made a huge impression, appearing in publications such as Nylon, Vogue and Bustle. Created by my vocal hero and hair idol, Hayley Williams, and her colourist, Brian O’Conner, this new and exciting colour range will have heads turning. Some of you… Continue Reading