Leiden Podcast – Episode 1: A Rundown on FASHFEST

  What’s that? We have started a podcast? That’s right! Welcome to Leiden Podcast a fortnightly podcast discussing all our favourite things: fashion, beauty, health and fitness. But we don’t stop there, we also interview amazing people, talk about relationships, books, pop culture, money and sex. In our first episode we unpack our experience at Canberra’s fashion festival FASHFEST. Leiden editor Emma Batchelor chats with contributors Miriam Walsh and Cleo Pilcher about the fashion, the makeup, the music and highs and lows of the festival. Leiden Podcast and it’s catchy jingle is produced by the greatest guy around Roshan Fernandez.… Continue Reading

Strength Training with Base Body Babes and the Australian Strength Coach

  The Canberra Centre’s home of health and wellbeing, Eden, is back for its second year and with it has come a series of master-classes focused on health, fitness and wellness. We recently popped along to learn all about strength training with one half of the Base Body Babes, Felicia Oreb, and The Australian Strength Coach, Sebastian Oreb. The husband and wife team, together with Felicia’s sister Diana, own Base Gym North Sydney, Base Body Studio and Base Fuel Wholefoods Café. Felicia and Diana, both personal trainers, focus on training women through a combination of strength and circuit style resistance… Continue Reading

My F45 8 Week Challenge Diary Part 2 – The Big Reveal

  As you all know from my incessant instagram-storying I have been doing the F45 8-Week Challenge. If you missed out on why I have signed up for this rather full on exercise and nutrition challenge you can catch up here. I have been keeping a diary throughout my ordeal (sorry, I really did mean to say joyous experience) on the off chance that anyone who reads this feels inspired to take part next time and wants a thorough understanding of what is involved.   Week Five After being rather naughty nutrition wise the weekend before in Sydney, I was… Continue Reading

Inside the Cult of F45

  On the first day of my recent period of unemployment I joined my local F45 Fitness studio. The F stands for Functional and the 45 for forty-five minutes of bloody hard work. I had heard of F45, of course, as I’m sure most of you have. A lot of my friends either already go or wish they did: but my choice was made, rather lazily, by its proximity to my house (a five minute walk). I rolled up on my first morning in very old exercise gear and without a towel (I somehow missed that in my conformation email)… Continue Reading

Five Ways to Take Your Workout to the Pool

  Are you sick of the same old gym workouts and classes but still want a great workout to blast the calories? With the weather heating up there is no better time to get into the pool with a new kick butt workout routine. With water being a great exercise tool you will learn the benefits of aquatic training and I am sure I will have you questioning why you didn’t think of getting in the pool earlier! Before we get into the exercises I’d like to tell you two fun facts about water that you may not know. Why… Continue Reading

6th Position – A Dance Studio For Adults

  Not only is taking a dance class a great way exercise, it has got to be one of the most fun ways there is to break a sweat.  So attention Canberra, there is a new dance studio in town for adults and it launches next week. We caught up with founder of 6th Position Gen Chan to get all the goss.   Leiden: What is 6th Position? Gen: It is the parallel position of your feet – but it is also Canberra’s newest ADULT dance studio!   L: What classes do you offer? G: We offer classes for adults… Continue Reading

Deciding to Get Fit for the Last Time Changed My Whole Life

  Late last year I had an epiphany. It was the kind of realisation that is so strikingly obvious that you can’t comprehend how it didn’t occur to you earlier. I was stuck in an endless cycle. I would exercise intensely and follow a strict eating plan for months in the lead up to an event and then once the event had passed, turn into a take-out-ordering-couch-potato as a way of decompressing It occurred to me that not only was this exhausting cycle a total waste of my time and energy, it felt like it was getting harder each time… Continue Reading