Leiden Fiction: The Christmas Party

  She stood in the corner clutching a fresh drink in her slightly sweaty hand, shifting gently from foot to foot. The strappy sandals she had purchased especially for the party were now pinching her rapidly swelling feet. The reindeer ears, also newly purchased, had, two hours ago, added a much needed ‘although I work hard, I’m still fun’ vibe to her modest black dress. Now they were drooping drunkenly forward, threatening to fall off entirely. Fighting the urge to make a run for it while no one was looking, she instead allowed herself one more minute in her dark,… Continue Reading

Cat Person: Starting a Conversation

  Like a great many people in the world I eagerly devoured Cat Person, a short story written by Kristen Roupenian and published in The New Yorker on December 11. This powerful piece of fiction, which had me hooked from the first line, has set the internet ablaze in a way fiction rarely does, receiving praise, backlash and backlash to that backlash. Divisive as it has been, Cat Person has ignited a conversation about sex, gender, power and consent. The short story focuses on two characters: Margot, a twenty year old university student and Robert, an older man Margot meets at the artsy cinema where she works.… Continue Reading