Design Institute of Australia 5×5 Speaker Series – Yumi Morrisey, Zilpah Tart

  The first installment of three speaker series presented by the Design Institute of Australia saw fashion designer Yumi Morrisey, the talented designer behind Canberra based label Zilpah Tart, speak alongside architect John Guida, furniture designer Chelsea Lemon, industrial designer Nicholas Karlovasitis, and Canberra Times reporter Bree Winchester, at event sponsor Zenith Interiors. Each speaker has 5 minutes to share their story, their experiences, current projects, successes and failures. After having a child, Yumi decided to leave her job in the public service to focus on her business and design. She presented her first collection at Fashfest 2014 but was… Continue Reading

FABSOC Fashion Event

  On Monday 13 February, we had the pleasure of attending the Australian National University (ANU) chapter of the Fashion & Beauty Appreciation Society (FABSOC)’s first fashion event of the year. As a proud ANU graduate myself, and with many ANU grads part of Team Leiden, I was pleased to attend this fabulous event. Founded in 2016, FABSOC is dreaming big this year with plans to stage many more fashion events throughout 2017. To get the ball rolling the FABSOC ANU team lead by president Fernando Goh, staged a runway presentation featuring four young designers.   Millenial Watches Minimal, affordable… Continue Reading

A Champagne Masterclass with the Champagne Dame Kyla Kirkpatrick

  A little while a go we had the pleasure of attending a champagne masterclass at the Canberra Centre hosted by the rather incredible former banker and financier turned ultimate champagne dame Kyla Kirkpatrick. Not being much of a drinker myself, champagne or otherwise, my excitement level, while ample, were not at the level they might have been at, say, the opening of a new shoe store. Nevertheless, once I took my seat, feasted my eyes on the beautiful glasswear, sweet treats and the dame herself, I felt a familiar thrill of anticipation bubbling up inside me. After being introduced to… Continue Reading

Pink Ink Boutique x Megan Park

  In response to the rise of fast, throwaway fashion, there has sprung a renewed yearning for something slower and more unique: artisanal pieces made by hand from luxurious materials. One multi-brand boutique in Canberra has always championed this approach to fashion, not ‘clothes for clothes sake,’ as Jane Petterson, the director of Pink Ink puts it, but special pieces to be treasured forever. Designer Megan Park has also never strayed from this path, having created beautiful hand-embroidered clothes and accessories for nearly twenty years under her own namesake label. It seems natural then that Megan Park has been stocked… Continue Reading

Mane University Beauty Retreat

  If you are passionate about all things hair, chances are you have heard of Mane Addicts. What originally started as a profile on Instagram created by Jen Atkins (also founder of Ouai Haircare) has grown into a website, university and social media powerhouse lead by a team of dedicated professionals.  Mane Addicts recently hosted their first ever Mane Univerisity Beauty Retreat at the beautiful Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort in Hawaii. Susie Dimov, director of the luxurious Kundalini salon in Canberra, was lucky enough to attend this incredible weekend workshop.  On hand were celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, Mane… Continue Reading

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

  Have you been finding it hard to switch off? Do you feel the compulsion to check your email one last time before struggling to fall to sleep? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Our increasing use of technology has been driving more and more people to seek out alternative approaches to switching off and reconnecting with ourselves as well as others. Over recent years we have seen the rise in popularity of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. As these practices have become more mainstream, what have previously been considered fringe events are now gaining momentum. One such event is the… Continue Reading

Style According to Huw Bennet

  Last weekend Huw Bennet, the stylish man who amongst other things is a contributing editor to Oliver Grand and co-founder of Vanishing Elephant, lead a Masterclass in men’s style at the Canberra Centre. As well as discussing his own enviable sense of style, Huw shared some of his tips and tricks for developing a classic sense of style. Ladies take note because many of Huw’s take home messages apply to us too. When asked what all men should have in their wardrobe, you will likely guess Huw’s first piece of advice. ‘Every man should have a suit, something that… Continue Reading

A Masterclass with Talisa Sutton of Badlands

  The setting for the latest ‘Masterclass in Style’ workshop at the Canberra Centre was a fitting one. While we sat inside discussing autumn/winter style with Talisa Sutton (the creative talent behind fashion and lifestyle blog Badlands), the autumn leaves outside were being dragged from the trees by heavy winter rain. Badlands is a sleek site filled with exceptional content covering fashion, interiors, beauty, design and lifestyle. ‘I was studying graphic design and I was creating all these collage journals’ Talissa explains. ‘I had all these books sitting in my lounge room and one night my friend said to me… Continue Reading