A Chat with Mondecreen

  Our favourite musical act from Canberra fashion festival, Fashfest, was Canberra based electronic duo, Mondecreen. We sat down with Roshan Fernandez and George Stavridis (Stavo as Roshan asked us to refer to him) to find out what drew them to participating in Canberra’s largest fashion event.   Leiden: Describe Mondecreen’s sound Mondecreen: We make funky dance tunes that induce strutting and enable one to feel cooler than they actually are. A few drinks are recommended to enhance the experience.   L: How long have you guys been making music together? M: Somewhere around 3-4 years now.   L: What… Continue Reading

Condolences to Gen X and the Boomers

  So, 2016. Got anything you want to tell us? OK, allow me. You’ve taken a few too many legends and it’s time you saw the impact on us. Just this year, two of the best in the music industry crossed over into the next realm and it begs the question: is God, The Universe or whoever is in charge of who kicks, supremely pissed off at celebrities, particularly musicians and if so, what did they do to invite this eeny meeny miny moe of death amongst themselves? As a Generation X kid who grew up in the 80s and 90s,… Continue Reading