Talking Music, Art, and Life with Grouplove

  Talking to Andrew Wessen, guitarist and vocalist from American indie-folk pop-rainbow band Grouplove, is like talking to an old friend. It doesn’t feel like a phone interview between an amateur music journalist and a highly successful musician. It feels like a fun chat, we’re laughing and reminiscing. After we joke about Wessen’s inability to say ‘Melbourne’ in an Australian accent, I ask him what he’s been enjoying about Grouplove’s February tour through our east coast. ‘We’re in a hot streak right now. We’re playing new music, and it’s been fun because, having three records out, you get to pull… Continue Reading

Kim Churchill’s Top Ten Albums

  Singer songwriter Kim Churchill is a busy man. Not only is he releasing a new album, he is about to set off on a huge national tour. Weight_Falls, the follow up to Silence/Win, almost didn’t come together. After working on the album for over eighteen months, Churchill decided at the last minute that what he had produced wasn’t quite good enough. He then decided to throw it out and start again. After a hectic week writing followed by a couple of months piecing everything together, Churchill ended up with something adventurous, intuitive and surprising. For lovers of his past… Continue Reading

Chatting with KLP

  You could say that Kristy Lee Peters (aka KLP) is a renaissance woman. She is a producer, radio host, songwriter, DJ and vocalist, creating and performing her own music as well as collaborating with Australian and international talent. KLP has had a #1 single in Japan and as a child sung in the classic 90’s commercial for Lube Mobile (you know the one). We managed to catch KLP after she released her latest single ‘Changes’ and in the middle of her current Mix Match tour. Here’s what she’s been up to:   Leiden: You’ve been a song-writer and a singer… Continue Reading

An Interview with Kult Kyss

  If you have ever spent any time trawling through triple j unearthed, you will know it is home to many a musical gem. One such gem that we have discovered is Kult Kyss, an electronic duo from Melbourne. Never mind their killer production, moody beats and piercing vocals, we have also discovered that Kult Kyss love cats and that gives them an extra big tick of approval in our books. We caught up with the pair behind the act, haxx and rromarin, to find out more about this duo who one fan on unearthed described as ‘one of the… Continue Reading

An Interview with Ayla – Songstress and Devoted Op Shopper

  After a killer 2016 packed with a slew of hit singles, a memorable Triple J Like a Version performance and an almost sold out EP tour, Brisbane singer-songwriter Ayla is back. The self-proclaimed op-shop lover has been busy with a new single released in May, a new EP in the pipeline and an East-coast tour on the way. Ayla’s latest single Shallow End has seen her mature as a songwriter and collaborate with a few big names; the song is co-written by Glenn Sarangapany (Birds of Tokyo) produced by Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music) and mixed by Ian Pritchett (Boo… Continue Reading

Interview: Asta

  After taking out the Triple J Unearthed High competition in 2012 with her song ‘My Heart is On Fire’, Asta has been busy carving out a space for herself in the ever-evolving Australian musical landscape. With a stint supporting Ellie Goulding under her belt, time spent collaborating with the likes of Jess Kent and Allday, and an EP and tour on the way, the momentum surrounding this Tasmanian songstress is set to keep building. As well as being an incredible musician and performer passionate about her craft, Asta is a strong advocate for self-expression through fashion and personal style,… Continue Reading

An Interview with Georgia Ginnivan

  I have been an admirer of musician Georgia Ginnivan for many years now. We met at work while we were both at Uni in Canberra and I was always intrigued by how she balanced her many creative pursuits alongside her studies. When I found out she was moving to Berlin to focus solely on her music and photography, I was naturally very excited for her, imagine the freedom of living in a new city and being able to explore your creativity! Having watched her career blossom from afar, and after hearing of her return to Australia to tour her… Continue Reading

A Chat with Mondecreen

  Our favourite musical act from Canberra fashion festival, Fashfest, was Canberra based electronic duo, Mondecreen. We sat down with Roshan Fernandez and George Stavridis (Stavo as Roshan asked us to refer to him) to find out what drew them to participating in Canberra’s largest fashion event.   Leiden: Describe Mondecreen’s sound Mondecreen: We make funky dance tunes that induce strutting and enable one to feel cooler than they actually are. A few drinks are recommended to enhance the experience.   L: How long have you guys been making music together? M: Somewhere around 3-4 years now.   L: What… Continue Reading