How to Style – Clothes Swap Finds

So this article is not our usual how-to. It’s more a straight up celebration of styling second hand and vintage fashion. A few weeks ago we attended a Clothes Swap event. For the uninitiated, a clothes swap is all about combating textile waste. In Australia, we generate 6000 kilograms of clothing waste every 10 minutes (ABC TV). Only a comparatively small percentage of what we donate to charity shops gets sold, with the rest ending up in landfill. The idea behind a clothes swap event is to encourage people to bring pieces they no longer wear to swap for something… Continue Reading

How to Find Your Style Personality

  Last weekend I popped along to another workshop at the Canberra Centre, this time to uncover that elusive entity: my style personality. The workshop was lead by the very lovely and knowledgeable Fiona Keary from Style Liberation who, it turns out, is an expert in helping her clients discover their style personality. ‘The number one mistake people make is losing their style personality,’ she explained. ‘What you wear should give you confidence and set you up for the day and if you get your style personality right, you will feel amazing.’ So what is a style personality? It’s a way… Continue Reading

How to Style – A Dress Over Pants

You will have seen this trend doing the rounds on Instagram. Net-a-Porter has even devoted an entire edit to it.  It is of course wearing a dress over your jeans. Now you know what we say about trends, they aren’t for everyone, but if you are into interesting combo’s and artful layering you might like to give this a go. Flower Power Dress: H&M Pants: Sportsgirl Shoes: MR by an Repeller Bag: Gucci Why it Works: The magic of this look is that you don’t have to restrict yourself to just jeans; a dress can work well with any type… Continue Reading

How to Style – Gingham

Here at Leiden we don’t normally advocate for trends; we believe everyone should dress however they damn well please. Sometimes, however, a trend comes along that makes us want to jump on its bandwagon. This week we take a good hard look at gingham and monochrome dressing.   Fun and Flirty   Gingham Hero: Skirt from Country Road Top: H&M Shoes: Miu Miu Why it works: By keeping the colour palette simple, the gingham print takes centre stage. we balanced the flirty skirt length with a long sleeve shirt, but kept things fun with flouncy frill on the sleeve. Sexy… Continue Reading

How to Style – Three Ways with Statement Socks

The change of season can be a tricky time for getting dressed. If you aren’t yet ready to commit to stockings, a good way to get more wear out of your summer faves is working a sock and shoe combo. Bare legs, a statement sock to keep your feet that little bit warmer (although not that much warmer, we’ll admit it), and a matching shoe, can earn you bonus style cred. Be careful when choosing your sock length compared to the hemline of your dress, skirt or pants, as you don’t want to make your legs appear shorter than they… Continue Reading

How to Dress in Colour with Fiona Keary from Style Liberation

  The rollout of fabulous workshops put on by the Canberra Centre as part of their holistic health and wellbeing hub, Eden, continues this weekend with a style workshop exploring dressing with colour, lead by Fiona Keary from Style Liberation. Fiona is a resident stylist at the Canberra Centre in addition to running her own consultancy business, Style Liberation, through which she aims to help women find confidence and presence through personal style. In her second style workshop for the Canberra Centre, Fiona explained all the nuts and bolts of dressing with colour. As someone who has always embraced colour,… Continue Reading

How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

       So you’ve finally gotten up the courage to cut your hair to the most talked about length, the pixie. For someone like me, this requires months worth of thought and pinning images before I even consider going to the salon. When I am going for a big hair change, I always think about how it is going to grow out afterwards. A pixie cut is one of the most challenging styles to grow out, unless mullets are your thing. But when the time comes and you are ready to let it grow, it can take a lot of patience… Continue Reading

How To Shop For Makeup When You’re Clueless

  You walk into your favourite department store. Your first thought is: ‘oh God I’m wearing pink crocs and not a skerrick of makeup on my face. I can’t do this.’ You look around and see pretty products, pretty counters, and pretty people and you feel inspired to walk right back out of those majestic department store doors, but remember what I said a few articles ago? That’s right, we’re paid to look good. You feel overwhelmed and scary feelings start to set in. Everything looks so glamorous and so do the unapproachable looking, makeup-wearing people, who look as though… Continue Reading